Monday, April 30, 2018

Danny Boy Dragon's Breath

Hi everyone! Good morning, good morning! Today is supposed to reach in the 60's, although it is 38° F right now. I am still calling it a win if it reaches the 60's! Come on warmer weather, you can do it! I just finished cleaning the windows so when that sunshine peaks its head through I will be ready. The big windows, such as the doors, front and back. All the smaller windows can be a job for not me, ha!

This pipe of today reminds me of crisp chilled air and sitting back and relaxing in the sun. This was our very first owned and puffed pipe. It is the Danny Boy Dragon's Breath. We picked this up while we were at the Ohio Renaissance Faire. We, normally, would browse the selection and never buy, but this particular day, the sun and moon aligned just right and voila! We have our first pipe.

pipe renaissance faire filter pear wood

It is a Pear wood with an ebonite stem. It can hold a 9mm filter, if wish. Pear wood is a great alternative to Briar wood as it is very dense and considered a hard wood. Another note would be to mention that Pear wood gives off a pleasant smell and taste while smoking. Not overpowering, very subtle, but it's there.

pear wood ohio renaissance faire pipe

The length of this one is 7" and the height is 2.5". The chamber diameter is .7" and the depth is 1.2". Danny Boy is relatively "new" to the scene coming about in 2010 when they opened their doors at The Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin. They started out with only clay pipes and a few hardwoods. Since their pipe dream began (get it? pun intended, ha!) the rest, as they say, is history.

pipe pear wood filter faire

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Living Life With Doughnuts And Tattoos

Good morning to you all! What a fine morning it is, yes indeed. The sun is up and the winds are blowing in some clouds and rain this afternoon. We put out a lot of grass seed yesterday, so the rain is most welcomed. I almost said I fell off the wagon this morning because I ate a doughnut and watched the sunrise, but then I thought that I wouldn't be so negative to myself. I didn't fall off the wagon. I made a choice to eat a doughnut and will just incorporate that into my lifestyle today.

The doughnut was so yummy, it had the white powder on it. I got it from the Amish store up the road this weekend. I cut it in half and ate half of it. Why are those so messy? You never how much you breathe until you eat a powder doughnut. Was it worth it...... uhhh- yeah! So good! Now to get those extra moves in today to work it off!

Also, I mentioned in a past post that I would update y'all on Hubby's tattoo. It is finally finished. Ha-ha, I accidentally hit caps and "finished" was all in caps, I guess subconsciously it was a grandiose "finished". Yes, it's done! We met so many people on this journey. Heard their stories on why they wanted a certain tat. Saw some crazy amazing artwork get done through there and now he is complete. It was his birthday gift for last year. It was a cover-up of an old tattoo from when he was in law enforcement and he never was quite happy with it, so he decided to do a cover-up and wow, wow! I said I would bring y'all pictures, so here they are below.

mementos gallery iggy sweeney
Original Pic

mementos gallery iggy sweeney
Iggy doing his thang

mementos gallery iggy sweeney
Outline is done

mementos gallery iggy sweeney
Working on the cover-up part

mementos gallery iggy sweeney
Hello, my little friend

mementos gallery iggy sweeney
Beginning fill-in

mementos gallery iggy sweeney
Black and white almost complete for depth

mementos gallery iggy sweeney
Color and done

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Savinelli Clark's Favorite Smooth

Exercised - ✔️   Showered - ✔️   Breakfast - ✔️   Medicine - ✔️   Kitty boxes & food- ✔️   Laundry - ✔️
Supper chose - ✔️   Trash out by the curb - ✔️   and the Daily Briar Report has been read- ✔️

Got my morning checklist completed for me and now on to the blog for y'all. I saw a recipe on Pinterest this morning for potato florets and I have all the ingredients needed to make this scrumptious looking meal, so guess what's for supper? Yes, soup! Ha-ha! Just teasing, I can do this! Even if it doesn't turn out as beautiful as the picture, it will still be edible, so either way, it is a win.

Speaking of wins, how about today's pipe? The Savinelli Clark's Favorite in smooth. It comes in Rusticated and Smooth and I really liked the smooth better. As you may know by now, I am partial to a smooth finish, but some rusticated pieces have caught my eye instantly. I first saw this piece at a local tobacconist shop and loved the stem. It is slightly shorter than a full-size churchwarden and I had to think about it. I thought about it and thought about it and while looking at Savinelli's website one night, I saw it again and decided to pick it up.

pipe tobacco life churchwarden gabrielle kinser

This pipe is one of the most elegant shapes of the "Favorites" of this Clark Gable-inspired bent Billiard: long, lean, and highly relaxed of line. It's presented here in a walnut finish, contrasted by the warm glow of the colorful acrylic stem. That acrylic stem is truly magnificent. I, personally, feel that if the stem wasn't as beautiful as it is, I wouldn't have been interested in it. Those colors were such a good pairing for this style.

Here's the thing about this stem, no two are alike. As with all acrylic stems, they have these blocks or rods that are stretched and cut to work with each pipe. Being the swirls and patterns are different throughout the material, in turn, each stem comes out differently. If you don't particularly like the stem of one of them, the next one you may. I do love that about is that whichever pipe you are looking at is the one you are getting. It is particularly nice when they have several of one style of pipe and can compare them and pick the perfect one for you.

pipe life tobacco ladies

The length is 7.41" and the height is 1.78". Officially, 8" is the length of a Churchwarden, so it barely misses the mark. The weight is a light 1.40 oz. and the outside diameter is 1.42". This can be used with or without a 6mm filter. I prefer the filter, however, whatever tickles your frickle works. It is such an easy hold and smokes gracefully. This is one that I enjoy during the summertime, outback relaxing catching a ray or two.

pipe life ladies tobacco

This is a Bent Billiard pipe. What does that mean, to call it a Bent Billiard? Well, it is actually two words that mean two separate meanings. You could have a Straight Billiard, as well. A "bent" is simply a catch-all term for a pipe bearing some degree of bend in the transition, shank, and/or stem. The bowl can vary in form for either straight or bent.

The term Billiard is probably the most ubiquitous of the pipe shapes. The Billiard has a cylindrical bowl, a shank that is equal in length to the height of the bowl and can wear any stem type while still remaining a Billiard.

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