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Friday, May 6, 2016

Life: After all that, I didn't ask the right question.

My husband and I recently bought new cars. We both were looking at the same brand and after test driving and sitting in all of them, we both decided on the same one, just different colors and a couple different nuances in each one to max them out. Also, to our delight, we found out we could add accessories to the cars to personalize them.

We looked online for weeks and watched videos and talked to each other about what would look best. He was more gung-ho than I was about getting the accessories. I really want them, but don't want to commit to the whole outfit right now. I am a "slowly but surely" type of gal and he is an "all in" type of guy. We finally decided that yes, OK, let's get some accessories now.

Off we go to the dealer, we tried to order online, however, the website kept saying they had a problem, so we dropped by the dealer. I stayed low-key with ordering some Mini Colored Hub Caps, to start, in Chili Red. He ordered some Side Scuttles and the Mirror Caps, both in black/grey checkered. Not going to lie, they are pretty sweet, especially with the color of his car in Electric Blue with the black bonnet stripes. It made me want to dive in head first and order up some more accessories, but I didn't. 

After they were ordered, we asked when they would be in, the service technician could not answer that for sure, but would call us as soon as they came in to make the appointment. We were fine with that as we didn't pay upfront, you pay after the job is done. Most of the items can be installed by the owner, however, the Side Scuttles have adhesive and they have to do that, so they might as well do the Mirror Caps, too. I would be taking my little hubcaps home to pop off and install myself. We asked questions about other accessories for future installments then went on our way.

We got the call a few days later and made the appointment for Friday at Noon. I asked the service technician could I show up earlier and he said "Sure." I asked him was it the same entrance that I used last time to go down the little hill and pull in on the left side, he said: "Yes, that is the one." I reminded him the little hubcaps would not be going on this car, those would be coming home with me, just the other two items in the order would be getting installed, he said: "That is correct." I was out of questions, so I just confirmed Friday at Noon and thanked him. 

side scuttles

Friday came about and off I go to the dealership, coffee and notebook in hand. I do like our dealership, I feel no apprehension when I go and look forward to it because everyone is so nice. I equate it to the old television show of "Cheers - where everybody knows your name." I pull in a little early and walk in, get smiles all around, received helped right away, and then was asked if they should call me when it is done or just come back later to pick it up. I didn't think anything about the question at first and replied with an easy "No, I'll wait. It'll only be an hour or so." Then was hit the response to my answer that this job takes about 4 or more hours to do. WHAT?!?! Yes, I know I could not hide the look of shock on my face. I stuttered and said something along the lines of "Oh! Umm, OK, well, yes, if that is how long it takes. I didn't even think about asking that one question." The service technician was very polite and asked if I wanted to reschedule, I replied "Nah, I'm here might as well do it" and proceeded to the waiting lounge. 

They do have a very nice lounge, all the drinks you could want, snacks, comfortable chairs, tables, couch, TV, and radio. The bathrooms are very nice and posh. Even with all of those amenities, did I want to sit there for 5 hours? No. They do have a shuttle, but I didn't schedule that when I made my appointment to ensure it was running at that time. Bully for me, I just didn't know the right question to ask and what to expect. It is my first experience with all of this and sometimes you just have to learn by living. This story has a happy ending though, my salesman came to the rescue and took me home and I let the technician know I would be back in the morning to pick up the car. All worked out great and still all smiles.

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