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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Life: Gloomy, Pessimistic, Unfavorable, Invalidating People

I know, I know; we all know those people that fit those descriptions. I have a few more words I could use such as opposing, against, unenthusiastic, uninterested, or just plain negative. Not only do we know of "those" people, we probably have been "those" people at one time or another in our life. It is human nature, though also a choice we make.

When people are nice to you, you feel happy. In turn, when people are mean or misgiving to you, you feel unhappy. Why? We care what others think. Even the people who say they don't care about anyone or anything still cares. We are social beings by nature, in general. We would rather sit through something that everyone thinks is bad, than be the loner who loves one thing in a group and deal with opposition from everyone else in the group.

I "LOVE" makeup. I get my inspiration from nearly everywhere. If it is a snowy grey day, I may have my makeup reflect that by wearing a grey and black smokey eye. If it is a Spring sunshiny day, I may wear orange lipstick with a bright yellow and red eye. I like it so much that I belong to a group that talks and shares ideas about it. When I get new makeup, I want to talk about every point about it and why I chose it over something else and how I can use it. I forget that "normal" people get bored after the first few minutes or I see their eyes glaze over, or I get the infamous line of "my xx amount of makeup is just as good as yours". I know then, OK, I have reached my limit with them and the conversation comes to a stalemate. They have nothing to add and don't care about what I have to add, so thank goodness for my makeup group!

Recently, in this group, that I should add is by invitation only after taking a survey and agreeing to the terms after passing the survey, we gained a cynical member. We all have an introduction blip about ourselves and this person is just thrashing that she has no inspiration, she doesn't watch online venues or read magazines, and that she is a trend setter and not a trend follower, among other things.

The first thing we are taught in growing up and dealing with antagonistic people is too plain ole ignore them. Which many have chosen to do. The next thing, if one must engage, is to stay positive, have compassion, and some humility to know that spark is in all of us. We make that choice to how we want others to feel when around us. Instead of absorbing the negativity, we hope they absorb the positivity of us. Life, in general, can be a very affirmative support system if we let it and look for it.

be kind to unkind people

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