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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Life: Hmm, Bicycle?

Imagine riding around the neighborhood, wind blowing the shirt and hair around, getting some much-needed vitamin D and a little color on some pale skin. Visualize the houses going by and waving at the parents of the children playing outside as a smile spreads across a sun-filled face of enjoyment.
Can you see it? It sounds just wonderful, doesn't it? Ah, yes. The only thing missing is the beach and seagulls. This is what I picture when I think of riding my bicycle. I haven't bought it, yet. T minus two days and I will be getting a new bicycle. I have researched it for several weeks and have decided on a Townie, low speeds and great for neighborhood cruising.  

I've had a bicycle in one form or another growing up and into adulthood and took some years off from it because of country living. Now, that I am back in a neighborhood with lots of hills and roads, why not? My husband loves riding a bike, he is much more hardcore than I am with it, but none the less, it can be something we do as a couple, as well. 

I started my search off just remembering back on my childhood and what brands of bicycles I had growing up. I don't recollect all the brands, but two stands out in my mind, the "Huffy", and the "Schwinn". Of course, my first was the red tricycle; although, I can't say for certain that it was mine, a friend's, or one of my siblings'. I recall riding on one when I lived in Virginia; however, not when I moved to Georgia. It was some time until I got another bike though. It was one year for Christmas, the year when I was starting to think good ole Saint Nick wasn't real. Now, I know in today's world that probably means age 6 or 7, but back when I was a child, that was a little older, maybe about age 9 or 10. I got a blue "Huffy" with a white seat and rainbow markings. I was the happiest girl. No training wheels! 

I rode that bike everywhere, there was no stopping me, and it took on a whole new meaning to stay out until the streetlights came on because I could stay out longer because I didn't have to factor in the walking time because now I would be faster on a bicycle. In the true American fashion, it was only time until I wanted more. I asked my parent's for an 18-speed bicycle. I think I asked for two years before that Christmas came and I finally got the coveted 18-speed bicycle I begged for so long. 

Why? Why did I want an 18-speed? I didn't even know how to use all those speeds or for what they were even used while riding. Oh! I remember, because everyone had one, so I wanted one, too. I read the book, I knew all my hand signals, I was ready to take this bike out to give it a spin. Off I go, riding everywhere. I did feel faster on this bike with the taller wheels, hand brakes, and all those speeds. Eventually, I just switched gears when I felt I hadn't switched them in a while. I still loved my bike, but soon found out it was way overkill for me, but no way would I say anything; I appreciated I got what I wanted and would enjoy it. 

Bicycle 7D with 7 speeds basket

This brings me back to the beginning of my search, remembering all those bikes and times and what I wanted now in a bike. Definitely not a lot of speeds, a comfortable seat, and I'm 5'11", so one that would be tall enough for me. I read reviews, asked friends, asked my husband (who is partial to lots of speeds and go go go), and finally talked to a store associate. I decided on an Orange Pearl Electra Original 7D with 7 speeds. I have slept on it and have scheduled pick-up for Saturday. I am totally looking forward to it and believe I will feel like that little girl who got her first "Huffy" that Christmas morning and was the happiest girl.

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