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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Customer Service, Last Line of Defense.

Lists, coupons, bags, food, freezer, dry goods, and even on occasion if your store has a tasty treat to get your mind off the experience you are about to undergo, you can buy a coffee at the entrance. Grocery shopping. There, I said it. Those two words invoke so many emotions and whether you look forward to it or dread it with every inch of your body, it is, nonetheless, one of life's many duties we endure every now and then.

I am not stuck to any one way of grocery shopping. Sometimes it is a short trip that I just pick up fillers without putting too much thought into it and then sometimes I make lists and it takes a few hours to complete the task at hand. Of course, growing up my Momma taught me her way. Which was to cut coupons all week, especially on Sunday. Make your weekly menu out for all of the meals. Go through the cupboards and linen closets to see what needs to be replenished. Construct your grocery shopping list of things needed in order of the store aisles and put your coupons, that you previously cut all week, in the same order as your list.

Now, I will say that I do my version of which I was taught. It worked for my Momma and she had a house full until the day she passed on to a greater life. I just don't do it as entailed as she does, like sometimes I don't have a list at all or, most of the time, I don't have coupons unless they are loaded on my card already. If I do have a list, I find myself sticking strictly to the list and leave myself no room for straying from said list. Did I subconsciously acquire this from my Momma?

Regardless if you are one of those people that look forward to grocery shopping or put it off to the last second and grudgingly do it, we all expect a pleasant experience. I had a great grocery store where I used to live and each time they would rearrange the store to new plan-o-grams they would have someone out and about asking if you needed help or handing out maps of the new layout of the store. They were very friendly, for the most part, and I got used to picking out which cashier I wanted and could have a conversation with before I left the store. One in particular, I would look for because we would talk about our dogs and when one of mine passed, she also reminisced about when one of her's passed and it was a nice moment. I would leave the store feeling good about shopping there and spending my money at that store.

I have since moved and even though it is the same name of the grocery store, it is not the same seasoning. I have tried this store about six or seven times, and yesterday I decided to travel a little further to get an experience rather than staying close to home and be treated like my money and choice of where to shop doesn't matter. I noticed that even though I let myself think it was OK that I passed several employees without a "Hello and a smile" or that grocery carts and flatbeds of boxes of food to put out on the shelf and block what I needed was OK because I would get it next time, that it wasn't OK with me that the cashiers were not friendly.

customer service self-checkout

I need that friendly experience to make up for my whole store experience or to enhance it. I needed that last line of defense, if you will, to let me leave the store feeling good about my decision to shop and spend my money there, in that store. I tried, I really did. I would look over the cashiers and pick out a different one each time to see if I could have a connection to one of them and I did find one, in the self-checkout, the one who stands up front and waits to be called over if someone needs help, she was nice for all of the seconds of when I passed her to leave. The cashier's only seemed to get worse. One was so rude to the person in front of me that I loaded my cart back up and switched lanes, I just couldn't have her check me out. One, I had to bag my own groceries and then got an attitude because I was taking so long, me, the one not getting paid to do this while you stand there and watch me.

That was the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back". I made up my mind right then that no, I need the store's last line of defense to be nice to me and my choice of where to spend my money.

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