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Friday, May 27, 2016

Melted Does Not Equal Softened

I'm not a chef by any means. I see cooking as a means to an end. I'm hungry, so, therefore, I must eat. I can follow directions pretty well on a soup can and even every once in a while I will pull out a cookbook and search through every page until I see something that interests me.

I don't have the ingredients that most recipes state "should" be in the cupboard. I don't even think I have all the necessary measuring cups and spoons, but I make due. Thanks to websites and fellow bloggers, the art of cooking have been made easier and faster with tips and tricks.

Recently, I have made a couple small cakes. The cake part seems to go pretty easy. Egg, yes have that. Water, OK, yes, have that, too. Flour, this is something I have because what kitchen would be complete without the flour jar? Mix it, mix it, grease the pan, pour into the pan, and OK, that wasn't too hard. Now what?

softened melted cooking

Frosting! Yummy! OK, four tablespoons softened butter. Hmm, I just took this out of the fridge and it doesn't feel soft. How can I soften this up? The microwave, but how long? Ten seconds sounds about right, just before it melts everywhere. This is where I found out that "softened" does not equal "melted".

I feel, in my naive little way, that it didn't do much harm to the frosting and still tasted superb. However, with that being said, whilst I was mixing the frosting I did notice the softened parts were doing their job much better than the melted parts. I searched the Internet and found out I had to take the butter out before making the cake so it softens up the right way without melting it and dealing with that side of it.

I'm not saying I've got it down pat, but this is where the old adage comes from about practice makes perfect. Boy, do I have a lot of practice to do. Until then, cereal and sandwiches will always be a staple in the house.

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