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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Life: Meow, Meow, and There It Is

We have three cats and each has their own very specific attitude and way of behaving. One is a white Main Coon, one is a Blue Short Hair, and the last is an orange American Short Hair. The Main Coon is the oldest and the Short Hairs are the youngest being one week apart. They are all entering their teenage phase in human years. All our dogs got along great with the cats and we really were so fortunate to not have to break up fights between the dogs and cats.

The white one is very loving, wants to be petted by everyone, and her hair gets everywhere. We have hardwood floors and no matter how many times the floor is swept or vacuumed, a white hair tumbleweed will still float across the floor at any time for any reason. We brush her when she lets us; it is hit or miss depending on her attitude of the day. She definitely acts like the queen bee and we are all her minions.

hairball cats carpet multiple

The blue one is very mean. Don't look at her, don't touch her, and definitely do not pick her up. The one exception would be brushing; she loves to be brushed and will roll around and purr when she lets the brush near her until she is done, then she is done. She loves her Daddy though, she meows and begs her Daddy to be petted, but he has to go to her. She will not move to come to him, she will just be in the vicinity to be heard and can get his attention.

The orange one is a good mix of the two. He doesn't want to be grabbed at or picked up, but he will jump up to settle down on a lap. He does not like to be brushed at all. He meows to be petted and then runs away when he sees the hand coming and then comes back up to start meowing again. Sometimes his tail will get the brunt of the petting in his move to walk away.

What one thing they all share, besides being our fur babies, is the need to upchuck a hairball every now and then. Why do they need to run around the house to do this? When we feel the need to get sick, we go to one place and finish up. No, not the cats. They need to start on the hardwood floors and always end up on the carpet. Fine, run around like crazy, but can't they end up on the hardwood floors to make it easier for their parents? True to form just like teenagers. Thank goodness for pet carpet cleaners. Had I known then what I know now, I would've bought stock in the company.

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