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Friday, May 13, 2016

Life: Panty Lines, To Have or Not to Have

There are so many types of underwear for women. Most women will tell you what type of underwear to wear under white pants or flitty little skirts if asked. Some will almost always say commando is best and of course we all know "those" underwear you save for a particular week each month or for that "special" night. However, I question, are panty lines always bad?

I grew up in the time of polyester pants and panty lines and then the wonderful 80's and wearing hose with everything. The 90's were times of change and ladies not wearing hose with dresses or pants and baggy clothes. Then, we find that the jeans were lowering and the underwear were not lowering as fast as the jeans and the infamous "whale tail" was formed. People were trying to wear thongs with lowering jeans, but as we all know, when women bend over, so do our pants and everything was showing. 

Brief, bikini, brazillian, thong, g-string, boyshorts, Spanx, control briefs, and hipsters are just several of many other names we have for our underwear and they all serve a purpose. I was into commando for a long time because I couldn't find the right thongs to wear because my fellow girls were always first to remind me about panty lines. I have since found a perfect thong and really need to buy them in every color because they are that great. I don't even know why I have the other thongs in my drawer, other than to spruce up my drawer some because when I need one, I look for that one pair each time. 

I have several pairs of underwear that have plenty of decoration on the back, such as strappy, lace, and mesh with design, and have worn these in place of a thong and had good reactions. My husband is one that enjoys panty lines. I found this out by accident one day several years ago, he was speaking of a conversation he had with his co-workers about someone else and what she was wearing to work whether it was appropriate or not and he mentioned then she had panty lines and it was a nice change than all jiggly booties that they know are just out there to be seen. 

different kind of ladies underwear

I thought that was a weird comment at first, in this day and age when everyone is all about jiggly and letting it all hangout, my husband enjoyed seeing something different. OK, I could probably work with that. He doesn't like the underwear sticking out of the top of the pants, but who does? I don't worry too much about my underwear anymore if it looks bad he tells me or if he prefers I wear a different pair he will say something. He doesn't say too much about my bra's, but panties, I know I can count on him to mention something if I can gain his attention before we go somewhere. It is still 50-50 sometimes on what I wear, but as long as my husband enjoys the view, then that is all that matters to me. 

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