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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Life: That Yummy to the Tummy Varnish Remover

For those that make their way to the shiny machine each morning looking for that quick pick me up or boost to their day, I am with you. Sort of, kind of, in a neutral kind of way, take it or leave it, but if it is there I would partake in the forty weight. Of course, if the cup has been drained and one eye is open, there is probably another cup of cafe au lait over there waiting to be poured...

I didn't drink coffee growing up, my parents always had it on tap, but I just didn't see the point in it for some reason. I would drink my milk and water and never think much of it. I did, however, love the smell of it. I would ask my parents to make their next pot so I could smell the grinds while I am putting them in the holder, ahhhhh.

Fast forward to 26 years old. I was going to a meeting one morning, carpooling with a co-worker, and she asked me to stop for some coffee and that she would pay for mine, as well. I did stop, though I let her know I didn't drink the jamocha. She then proceeded with the barrage of questions I never received before that morning. I didn't have an answer as to why I didn't drink it, just hadn't. She insisted on getting me one; she wanted to share the moment with me of my first sip. She got me a cold one with chocolate in it, hmm, OK, why not? It was delicious!

I then started drinking java, just like that, one drink is all it took. Well, not just like that, I did have to warm up to it and then I only got the one drink that I drank that morning, Fast forward another 15 years and yes, I drink it somewhat daily. I still feel I could take it or leave it; however, I did find out there are benefits to it besides the grumbly in the tummy an hour later.

coffee mug pot keurig

According to a website called Medical News Today, there are many benefits of drinking the black gold. Basically, if you need a reason to drink it, they have it. They listed some possible benefits as protecting against type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, liver disease, liver cancer, and promoting a healthy heart. They go into detail on each one and why, but, I'm good with knowing it might do me some good when I drink it.

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