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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wonder Woman Here I Come

I am such the girly girl when it comes to all things girly. I love handbags, shoes, makeup, hair, and intimate things. I, also, love fishing, camping, traveling, and other things that boys do. I'm happy with being "that girl" who has to primp before hiking five miles and fix her eyeliner when she is done.

Speaking of intimate things, I love bras, corsets, or as my Mother would call them, foundations. I've always loved having them be part of my outfit and not just undergarments. Of course, my Momma would tell us to always have on clean undies forbid the dreadful wreck that would have the paramedics cutting off our clothes. I took that to mean my bras and panties would have to match and be pretty because if they are cutting off my pants then surely they would be cutting off my shirt.

underwear pretty things wonder woman

I ran around shirtless until about age five. No, not outside or going somewhere, but in the house and sleeping. I remember my Mom would yell at me to put on a shirt and my little five-year-old self would reason back with her that Dad didn't have to wear one. I recall the day Dad sat me down and, with Mom standing behind him for reinforcement, let me know that I would indeed have to start putting on shirts all the time. Something about me being a girl and he was a boy and blah, blah, blah.

My next thing, a few years later, was Wonder Woman tank and undies. I loved them. I felt special with these matching superhero clothes under my day clothes. Every time I got a new set, I would model them around the house and after a few minutes, I was being told, once again, to go put on clothes. I don't even know if they have anything like this nowadays other than little boy and girl underoos.

I vaguely remember my training bra days. I remember one boy in school would tease me that I wore a sports bra and I would get mad at that, for some reason. I moved on to grown-up bras and think back that they all started out white and some had lace or bows on them. I would get in trouble that the strap would show out from under the tank top or the outline would show through the shirt. I just didn't get why people cared so much about seeing something I was wearing. First I'm told to put on clothes, then being told to hide what I put on.

When I became an adult and shopped at Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood I again felt special. Everything matched and I could have a different color for all of my outfits. Wonder Woman here I come! I began thinking that some of my skivvies cost more than my clothes so why am I hiding them? Why am I spending my time and effort on matching and coordinating them for just me? Why is that speech about wearing shirts because I'm a girl still ringing in my head?

lingerie wonder woman shirt
Thank you to Jon Ly for the amazing photo! 

I am ever thankful to Madonna and Cyndi Lauper for wearing their corsets out for the world to see. I still love that trend and am known to wear it every now and then. I love wearing a see-through shirt with a matching color bra. I don't mind if my straps show or the outline of the bra shows because I'm grown and I wear a bra. It's a necessity for me, not a nicety. I love my boobs, I love my bras, therefore I might as well enjoy wearing the extra clothes and feel sexy special while wearing them.

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