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Monday, June 20, 2016

Health: 20 Days Later, Update

I can't believe it has been 20 days since the sister's started their eating healthy challenge. Every Tuesday we do a picture weigh-in to keep everyone accountable. It is not necessarily about weight in itself, just being healthy, but the weight is still in there as a measuring tool. I thought it had only been a couple weeks until I looked at the challenge board and realized tomorrow will be day 21! Eeeek!

I am pleased with myself, for sure. I have had very few setbacks, if any, and have been making changes slowly. The biggest change was to only drink one Coke a week, if I must. I still drink my one cup of coffee each day for breakfast. I don't need it. I could do without. However, with drinking water all day, I see it as a little something different, plus I use the coffee as the mixer for my cinnamon (yes, I'm allergic to this, but I do it in very small doses) and coconut oil each day.

coffee cinnamon coconut oil in cup begin

My husband, by default, is being healthier, as well. When one partner does it, the other one tends to also join in. Just makes it easier when both people are on board and support each other. He has been so supportive and encourages me when I want to stop at mile three to go to mile four. He doesn't participate with the sister's, but he does it for himself.

I have lost 10 pounds, one sister has lost 7 pounds, one gained 3, and the other is exactly the same. However, it is a healthy challenge, not a pound challenge, even though the winner is based on pounds, and many of us have seen changes already. The one sister who is exactly the same is down one notch in her belt. The other sister who gained 3 is set up with a doctor and nutritionist now to help her. The one who lost 7 is keeping a food journal and started walking slowly. As for me and my husband, so much has changed. Neither of us is on any medicines anymore, except the occasional aspirin or Tylenol. We walk daily up to 4 miles (rain or shine) or ride bikes weather permitting. My husband stated that we just feel better overall with watching what we eat.

eating clean losing weight

I recently took several days off of "being good" because I had family in, and yes, yes I could tell I felt like poo and was in the restroom more than normal. I really didn't think a few days of eating like I used to eat would matter, but after eating clean for almost a month, my body was not happy with me. However, I instantly changed back and I bounced back pretty quickly.

I'll give another update on the second 30 days and see how things are fairing then. I hope to see more scales moving and have lots more stories to come about ups and downs and if any tips helped any of us.

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