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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Health: Hello, Ouch, Down Below

I get waxed. I don't mind the hair, in general. However, it's summertime and short season, so it seems to need up kept more often. I shave my legs and underarms. I pluck my eyebrows when needed so they don't become too crazy. However, sometimes I just don't want to spare time to do this. Waxing is a fast process that gets the job done and last a little longer than shaving. Some areas of the body definitely feel the waxing process more than other areas.

Sam Burriss how to eyebrows privates

I was trying to think of some steps that one might find helpful if they were going to undertake the fun of a waxing session. I talked to my Waxer and asked her if she had any tried and true tips to give someone and she laughed some. She said eyebrows are the least painful and the other areas of the body all rank about the same. We both laughed because that basically sums it up.

She did say there were ways to prep the areas that are being done beforehand. The most important thing to do was to check all the areas for any broken skin or inflamed skin. Let the Waxer know and they can decide on the best way to approach, such as skipping that area altogether or working around it.

The next thing was to let the hair grow. Wax actually needs to grip on to the hair to do its job. About two to three weeks of growth is good before a waxing. If the hair is too short, the wax doesn't have anything to hold on to and can't remove the hair that is there.

Exfoliate the area to be waxed a couple days ahead of time. Don't scrub or use harsh exfoliation, though. A gentle exfoliation will do just fine. This helps the wax grab the hair and not the skin.

Her last recommendation and one that she, unfortunately, sees too often is to keep the nether region clean. Most of the time this region stays in a damp warm environment and this leads to breakouts or infection. Some people would like to blame the process for not being completed correctly; however, it's more likely the sensitive area was not kept clean and moisturized on a daily basis.

Photo Mohamed Nohassi growth clean hot

I agreed with what she was saying for sure. The hardest part is letting it grow. It takes some thought as to what is going on in life as to when it's time permitting to let it grow and get it done. It is worth it in the end and that is why I go back every so often to be pampered and have someone take care of it all for me.

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