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Monday, June 6, 2016

Life: It's My Birthday

I LOVE birthdays. I love MY birthday in particular. I love celebrating the day I was born. I love letting anyone who will listen to me know that it's the day of my birth. I share this day with someone else, my twin. Someone whom also shares my love of birthdays. I will be found wearing top hats or tiaras on my birthday. I get people involved and have been known to dance with strangers saying "It's my birthday, celebrate with me!"

Stephanie McCabe cake celebration

Growing up, my parents always made our day special. Each sibling was treated like a king or queen of the day. We each would pick out our own birthday dinners of our favorite foods. We had cake and ice cream. Our gifts would always be wrapped in brown paper bags and, most importantly to me, was that it was celebrated on the day we were born.

I don't mind getting older. I've lived an amazing life. I have plenty of stories to tell and though I still am writing my chapters of life, each birthday is a reminder of another year and another chapter gone by. When someone has a birthday I think to myself of all the lives they have touched in the years and how it might be different if the day of birth hadn't happened.

Sometimes, we touch people in ways we never knew. Because of our "birth" day, we are able to live our lives and impact other lives. It may be people we interact with daily, or it may be a story of someone that motivates. I think of birthdays each year as a way to start off with a clean slate. A new year a new you, if you will.

Dakota Corbin june celebration

Today is my Birthday and in true Gabrielle fashion, I ask you to join me in celebration. Sing, dance, and clap it out. I'm another year older and couldn't be happier! I wish everyone the happiest of days and an even happier birthday. We've earned this day; let's raise our glasses to another year of stories to tell.

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