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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Health: More Than Just Food

Recently, I had some family over and we all know how that goes. It is always a delight and joy when they truly want to hang out and do some old things that were done when growing up. It could be singing an old song, doing a made up dance that is missing some steps that may have been forgotten along the way, or cooking certain family meals that were shared amongst the years.

This time was no different. We talked so much we needed liquids to keep us going. Time flew by without anyone looking at the clock. We each told stories and remembered things from childhood. Some stories were hilarious and some brought up old wounds. What has passed for one person sometimes doesn't pass for another. Eventually, the talk of food comes up, of course, it is what our society is made upon, especially grand get-togethers and the holidays.

Kelsey Chance Unsplash family photo

We spoke of recipes and who hated what and remembering how we would bargain or switch our food when the parents weren't looking. One thing was squash and turnips. I love turnips and my twin loves squash. Every year at Thanksgiving, when we had to "try" everything per Momma, we would sit down to eat and do a quick switcharoo so that we didn't have to eat the aforementioned.

One thing that came to mind was Lumpia. Oh, how we loved this little wrap of goodness! However, as yummy as the food was, we loved the process of making it even better. It is not an easy throw together, per se. It takes time and patience; especially when making a large amount for a large family.

Lumpia fried wonton meat vegetables

Some members would start a line, and some would do four at a time. I like to just do mine one by one. One person mixes the meat and veggies. Everyone else makes them. Normally, the eldest would make the mix and they would just join in the conversation going on while they nitpick about the shape or how we wouldn't be doing it right. After they are cooked, we can point out who made which ones and sometimes only look for ours because we purposely put more of whatever we wanted in those.

The conversations and laughter that happens when you make Lumpia are the most treasured. There is something about being in the kitchen and everyone focused on one objective that brings about the softest most real types of emotions for some reason. We have had tears, laughter, food fights, competitions, and stories all while making this delicious meal. Many times I feel blessed that we were raised in a big family with a Mother who believed in cooking long meals so we could enjoy these moments. The food tastes better when it is more than just food.

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