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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Life: Oooo, That Smell

The button has been pushed and the elevator slowly reaches the floor. The doors open and the ins and outs begin before the door slowly shuts back. Then, it happens. A whiff of that smell that floods the senses. The one that has the nose and eyes on high alert looking around the elevator wondering, "Whom could it be?"

Oh yes, ladies and gents. I am talking about the sweet sweet smell of cologne. Most people fall into either anti-scent or the pro-scent category with not too many people being in that middle category of straddling the fence. I am pro-scent. I think it is very manly on a guy and sexy on a woman.

I love turning a corner and catching the smell of someone who had just walked by. Even, walking behind someone and getting the downdraft of the cologne. It sends mental images to my mind about them and how I think their life would be. Wearing cologne shows a bit of confidence. Like a good pair of high heeled shoes may even make the stance a little straighter and taller.

Chris Liverani Unsplash smell pro con

I recall an elevator story where a coworker and I were hopping onto the elevator and someone must've walked off a floor earlier and their scent was still in the elevator and wow, we both swooned. We joked about wanting to bring our laptops to the elevator to work the rest of the day out. We were wondering if we could just click on each floor so when the doors opened we could smell each lobby area to see if the smell came from that floor. We were digging that cologne. We even made up a scenario about the way he looked and if he had a family.

The fact that neither one of us cared if it was socially acceptable to speak like that let me know instantly that smell plays a huge role in human interaction. If it had been an equally opposite and unflattering smell, then the conversation would've gone a completely different way and definitely no laughs. Thank goodness it was a very manly smell that we walked into.

I'm usually the girl who will let someone know they smell good, guy or gal. It costs nothing to appreciate the effort. It benefits both parties as they feel good someone noticed and I feel good because I love when a man makes an effort to think about something like cologne. It stimulates the thought processes, among other things.  So I say, spritz it up! Let your bottle be your guide and have the wind in your favor.

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