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Friday, June 3, 2016

Health: Think Safety First

Today is National Doughnut Day! I was going to write about doughnuts and the yumminess of them. I jotted down some notes and my favorites by different stores. I was setting up my routine by turning on my normal "who done it" station on the television and getting comfy to write my blog when this show comes on called "I Survived". I don't think I've seen this particular show before and it's about people who survived a situation that happened to them in their own words.

The heroism, drive, and desire to live is amazing. These stories touched me and reminded me of a story that happened to me. Thankfully, I did not have anything happen to me that these wonderful people had, but it reminded me to always think of Safety First. It's a shame we can't help the people who need help because of these other people who ruin it for everyone. This is what the Police are for in these situations. Think safety and call the cops if someone needs help.

I was leaving work one very cold snowy evening and I would always park far out in the parking lot to get my exercise in wherever I can. This evening I was getting in my car and saw a guy with his hood up tinkering. My first instinct was, it's cold, I hope he called someone for help. I was sitting in my car waiting for it to warm up when I noticed him coming over to my car. I thought, dang, it's cold I don't want to help him. I know it was a selfish thought, but I never once thought he could be a killer, I just was thinking it's so cold, I need to warm up.

Igor Ovsyannykov Unsplash car cop

He asked if I could jump his car, he had the cables if I didn't mind helping him. I felt bad for him because of the weather and evening time, so I said sure. The first mistake, I should've called the cops or at least my husband to let him know what was going on, but instead, I just popped my hood. I do want to believe that not everyone is a killer and there are true people out there who do need help.

I got out of my vehicle and stood in the grass, he hooked up everything and he stood near the car. He was saying how it wasn't working and rehooking up the cables. I was thinking I was so mad because it's cold and why didn't I bring my phone out here with me instead of leaving in the truck. I don't even recall if we were talking or just quiet. He asked if I knew how long to let it run, I said something like oh just a few minutes. I didn't know at all, I was just saying anything.

Then, to my luck and by chance, a policeman showed up. He asked was everything ok. The guy spoke up pretty fast and said: "Yes, just jumping the car." I just looked at the cop thinking "well yeah that is what was going on", I didn't have anything to add. Then, he didn't leave. He pulled behind the guys' car and got out. He looked at the cables, looked at me, and directed me to get inside my car. I thought, Ok, and before I could start walking, he told me again to get inside my car. This time I double stepped it and got in my car. He said some words to the guy I couldn't hear over the engine running with the windows up while I texted my husband that I would be home soon, had a story for him when I got home.

 I cracked my window a little to hear their conversation and he was telling the guy he was never going to jump his car, that the battery wasn't even able to be hooked up, and then it hit me. I could've been a victim just like that. In the blink of an eye; I wasn't thinking safety first. The policeman unhooked my car, closed my lid, and told me to move my car to a different spot where he had pointed. I did as said and just kind of looked at the guy. I was confused and mad that I didn't want to help him and did anyway.

Igor Ovsyannykov Unsplash cop job help

I am so very thankful for the ending and that the cop had stopped and didn't leave. I can speculate on what might've been, but I, instead, choose to focus on always think safety first. I had a guardian angel looking out for me that night and relearned a valuable lesson. Let the people who get paid to help people, help them. Be safe, not sorry.

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