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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Health: Day 56 Update

Oh. My. Gosh. I am unable to grasp that we only have 1 month left of the Sisters 90 Day Weght Loss Challenge! Eeeek! It has been amazing for me. I look forward to the weigh-ins each week because of the banter that it starts after we get everyone's pics and texts. Some go up, some go down, but we all are positive to each other.

I think, in general, our family tends to err on the mean side when it comes to having fun. Feelings are often hurt, then we don't speak for some time, and then when we do start to talk again it's not long before we start being mean again disguised as having fun. I'm sure there's some psychologist out there who would love to get their hands on our family, haha! The thing is, we all truly love one another and would do a smack down on anyone, besides ourselves, if they tried anything on either of them.

When we started this challenge and we were deciding on the rules for it and how we would measure being we are all in different states, the one thing that came up over and over (*cough over and over *cough) was that this had to remain positive. No shaming, no "fun", no sharing, and no meanness; just positive fun. It really didn't mean anything at first because we all know we can be catty and rude. However, as these days have passed, it means something now. A part of me thinks that it is a little sad that we had to make that a "rule". We should naturally want to be positive and lift each other up, we are sisters. Yes, we all have been hurt and treated disrespectfully over time and that needs to change. Maybe by making this "rule" to be positive towards one another is a step in the right direction. Sure, we will still have disagreements, we each think differently and have our own viewpoints, and we need to work on respecting that a little more.

So, here we are, 56 days into our challenge. I've lost 17 lbs, so far. Yay! One sister is the exact same as when we started; she has that "maintain" part down to a science! One sister has gained 6 lbs and has changed some of her ways in drinking more water and eating less snacks. The other sister is on course, too, having lost 11 pounds. I read somewhere in a motivation article that the weight loss gets visible at 20 pounds to yourself and 40 pounds to everyone else. I can see that being true in some ways.

We have roughly one month left of the challenge. I'm not quitting after the challenge ends. I've made some amazing changes and feel better for it. I look forward to seeing where we all go from here and will give everyone an update on the winner of the 90 Day Challenge when it ends.

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