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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Health: Kefir Fail

Before we, the sisters, started the 90 Day Challenge, I tried a Kefir Cleanse for 21 days. It seemed easy enough and not anything drastic to the human body. I talked a couple people into doing it with me to compare results and to encourage each other to stay with it for three weeks.

I found the cleanse on Pinterest, one night, looking for healthy breakfast foods and this cleanse showed up in my scrolling. I read it and thought about it for a couple days. I, then, decided it would be a great kickstart to flush or cleanse my body as a great way to start my new eating habits. I talked to one of my nieces, one of my sisters, my husband, and a friend. I got two people who would agree to do it with me.

Basically, the mixture consists of flax seed flour and Kefir. It stated that following this cleanse for three weeks would help lose up to 20 pounds. Wow! Sign me up, right?! We all go out and buy the two ingredients needed and a small measuring glass to pour the exact amounts. We were ready.

Day one wasn't too bad. The Kefir actually tasted good and come to find out many people use it in their fruit or veggie shakes. It tastes like yogurt, but yummier. The flour added to it made it more the consistency of yogurt. Neither of us noticed anything life altering. For some reason we all thought we would've have diarrhea after day one, but nope. I mean, after all it is a cleanse.

We all got through the first week and checked in with each other. No poo's to mention and no significant weight loss. Week two we added some more flax seed flour to the mix which made it thicker and did that the whole week. I had a harder time in week two. Eating the same exact thing for breakfast every single day was already getting to me and I found it was taking me longer to eat this concoction. We laughed over it and made comments about when is this miracle weight loss supposed to happen.

Week three came and went. We added in more Kefir in week three and we were bugging each other about doing this for three dang weeks everyday for basically nothing. We never had the cleansing effect we thought we would have and, definitely, didn't lose any weight. I did feel stopped up more and looked forward to some heavier coffee to help with that.

The article said to not do the cleanse longer than three weeks once a year because it's hard on the body, but maybe that was said to hype it up more than it was. I won't be jumping into any fad schemes again any time soon. The Kefir and flax seed on its own are good for the body. People eat this every day in healthy shakes. I did find out a lot of information on the two ingredients that I didn't know before, so that is a win. However, the Kefir Cleanse, is a fail. Nothing in life is easy. If you want it, then you gotta work hard for it.

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