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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Health: Black Pepper

This is the most used and known spice out of all of the spices, black pepper. Many people do not even think of it as a spice, just a regular topping for a salad or fries. They sprinkle it on without even giving it a second thought. It is convenient and readily available most places when going out to eat and easy to find in the grocery store in different sizes.

I am not going to give a recipe for black pepper. Just take a pinch and sprinkle it on your food each meal and enjoy the taste of it. Black pepper does go stale. Normally, it has a shelf life of about 3 months; however, most people use it until it is gone. Whole Peppercorn, what is used to grind down to make black pepper, is indefinite. If looking for the freshness of the black pepper each time some spice is needed, maybe using a peppercorn grinder might be the better option for each meal.

While most do not think of the health properties of black pepper, it does have some, other than preserving food. When using the whole peppercorn, the outer layer of it assists in the breakdown of fat cells. When fat cells are broken down into parts, they are easily processed by the body.

Sticking with pepper breaking down items in the body. It also helps to break down mucus and phlegm in the respiratory tract. Because of its natural irritant quality, it helps to expel the loosened material through the act of sneezing.

Some different ways to try black pepper are sprinkled on top of chocolate ice cream, added in warm milk to drink, or a few turns of the grinder on top of some strawberries.

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