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Monday, September 26, 2016

Life: 30 Pounds Down

Wow! What a journey it has been to date thus far. It has seemed easy up until this point. A little eb and flow, give and take, and here I am now; 30 pounds down from where I started in May.

I'm happy with this. Yes, I'll still keep losing. Yes, I'm worried about Winter and what type of exercises I can do as I won't be outside in the snowy freezing weather. However, I have confidence in myself that I can do it and I'll find a way. Where there's a will there's a way.

Several, many, people have asked how is it being done? What "get slim quick" scheme is being used? They all want a quick answer. When we, my husband and I, let them know it's all exercise and calories. We exert more than we intake based on keeping our required calories in check. (I could go into more detail, but trust me, Google has all the information needed to find out base caloric intake.) We get the quiet look followed by "And what else? Is that all?". Yep, that's it. No secrets. No pills. No magic shakes, but how yummy would that be?

For some reason, they aren't happy about that. It's amazingly weird. Like, they are looking for an answer they can be negative about and when we don't give them one they quickly peter out. They normally just follow up with "Oh, well it's working. Good luck".

The biggest thing about doing anything in life, is to do it for yourself. There will always be naysayers in the world looking to find everything wrong with what is being done. And, unfortunately, they are always the loudest. Sure, there will be people cheering and hoping for the best, but maybe they won't be the loudest or heard over the naysayers. If you're doing it for yourself, it will be easier to tune out the negativity.

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