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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Life: Makeup Swatches

I was shopping at a well-known makeup store in the mall the other day and looking at different lipsticks and other cosmetics. I'm a huge swatcher. Pretty much, if I see it, it's going on my hand. I have fair skin and the luxury of having my neck and hand be the same color. Makes it very easy to see how it will be on my face when I swatch my hand. I love all colors, not just browns or nudes. Everything is equal in my book and my hand shows an array of colors and I do have to clean my hand off several times as I run out of room.

I've mentioned this before in my past blogs, however, feel the need to mention it again for justification purposes. I have fair skin and my sisters all have that beautiful olive skin. They only have to think about the sun and they start to tan up. I mention this to say I know not all colors look the same on every skin type. My oldest sister and I put on the same exact makeup one day, excluding foundation, and asked my husband which makeup he liked better and he stated it was unfair as we weren't wearing the same colors. Ah, but yes, yes we were! Skin tone plays a huge role in the type of look that is trying to be achieved.

With all that being said, let's go back to the store where I was shopping and swatching. I, finally, decided on a couple items and was headed towards the checkout. Of course, I got stopped a couple times by the associates telling me how much I'm going to love this or that. One associate wanted me to see an eyeshadow that I "would love". I followed her as I wasn't in a huge hurry to leave. She then took the tester out to show me the color and swatched it on her hand. Her tan, not my skin color, hand. She then was holding onto the tester carrying on about it being so pretty. I tried my best to get the tester so I could put it on my hand and never was able to. As soon as I saw the color I knew it wasn't for me, so I didn't push it.

fair to dark skin tones
Same colors, different skin tones

Making my way back to the register, another associate had to show me this lipstick that I "would love". I followed her as the description she gave seemed fun. Again, the same thing happened. She took the sample out of the holder and swatched it on her caramel skin. It did look beautiful on her skin tone, but what about my fair skin? She was an easier fight and I was able to try it out on my hand. I ended up buying it as, indeed, it was perfect for winter.

I felt aggravated by the experience, though. Why were they holding the samples so I couldn't swatch it while they were trying to upsell me? If they want to swatch it as a starter point of interest, then fine. However, then offer it to me to swatch or put it back in the holder so I can grab it. I wouldn't buy anything from a swatch off another hand. I need to see it on my skin tone to know if it's a yes or no. I think it has to do with training or simply not thinking and holding the item while they try to entice. I can't think of another reason. If someone out there knows, then please clue me in. I would love to know why.

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