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Friday, May 12, 2017

Health: Pulled $#&%@! Muscle

As you may recall from an earlier blog this week, I pulled/strained a muscle in my shoulder, the shoulder blade area, specifically the Rhomboid Major muscle. It has been not fun at all this week. I should've started ice and heat before I did, but can't go around crying over spilled milk. On a scale of 1-10, it varies. If I try to lay down it is 500 and if I walk around gently, it can be a 6 or 7. Sitting in one certain position allows it to be a 4ish.

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I'm of the age where I don't go to the doctor for every little thing anymore. I know what a cold is verses the flu. I know what a jammed finger is verses a broken one. And, I know what a torn muscle is verses dieing from some rare disease that leaves me in severe pain out of pure spite. OK, maybe that was a little dramatic, but none the less, still true. Ha!

I wish I had some nice grandiose story about how I did it by fighting off wild banshees or something amazing like that, but alas, I do not. I do believe it is relatable, though. I woke up Sunday Morning feeling fine, except one little twitch in my shoulder blade, which, while I was trying to process this twinge in my sleepy brain, my waking up stretch was already commencing. I really couldn't process the twinge right away because this stretch felt amazing. The kind that is felt in the toes all the way to the eyebrows. Except, as I was relishing in the astronomically wonderful stretch my pain center took over and stopped me dead. That twinge that I was feeling was now full blown broken back. Like Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, why have you bestowed this torment of pain on me during one of the best stretches of my life?

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Immediately, I knew, I pulled/tore my Rhomboid muscle. Dang! Why did't I process faster?!? Among the many other words I decided to chastise myself with while heading out to the kitchen for some anti-inflammatory meds. I thought the day was going pretty well, I was feeling better, I suppose. Then, night time came and I had to lay down. Oh the pain! The torture! Why hath you forsaken me!?! One would think laying down would make it feel better, but NOOOOOOOO! No, no, it doesn't. It spews forth the evil of all the world onto me. I, now, see why some people feel an exorcism would be the way to treat a problem. Maybe, if they just spoke with the person they would find out they tore a muscle. I'm just saying, maybe rule out everything first. 

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So, here we are. I have since Googled things to help me. I have read the Mayo Clinic website. I should've started the ice and heat sooner. I should've rested for two days then started slowly with activities, again. But, it's me we are talking about. Why not think it will go away in one day instead of a couple weeks? Why not think I am above the pain in my body and that I can will it away because I don't want it? Sigh. I may be of the age of knowing certain things, but I still have lots to learn. At least I already have one week under my belt and that leaves only a few more to go!

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