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Monday, May 8, 2017

Life: O Hairdresser! My Hairdresser!

It has been awhile since my last blog. So much has happened that I am unsure where to begin. I have many new recipes to share, update on health, and many updates on life. Spring brings forth new life and new beginnings. It emerges softly and beautifully even though the harsh Winter does its best to keep it down.

I was blessed and honored to become a Godparent to my new great-nephew. He is such a happy baby. He laughs and smiles on the regular. He loves being held up and looking around. He doesn't care for laying down too much; he wants to see and be involved. His big sister will take very good care of him as she is going to be the next CEO of her own company one day. She is very independent and serious. She loves to learn and do new things.

My husband, after 20+ years, learned how to make my coffee. Yes! He doesn't drink coffee and despises it. However, he took notes and pictures and surprised me on Easter with a hot cup of coffee made scrumptiously. He didn't just do it the one time, either. He takes pride and joy in making my coffee for me and has even brought it to me in bed. The commercials about being woke up in bed by coffee and sitting up and grabbing the cup aren't all they are cracked up to be. It is actually quite awkward, ha! They stand there, patiently, while you wake up, stretch, mentally grasp what is going on, get situated in bed and try to take the hot cup from them without burning either of you or spilling any. It was really sweet. I love that he still finds new ways to love and surprise me.
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The newest news is that my hairdresser, of two years, got engaged! How exciting! I am so unbelievably happy for her. Her gorgeous ring fit her to a T and her man seems genuine and caring to her. She gets married in roughly 10 weeks. Yes, a whirlwind. It is going to be a small quaint wedding as a few days later they are moving to Italy! I really am ecstatic for them and their new journey in life.

Personally, I kept it together when she told me. I was speechless for a minute, but then was like what the what?!?! Congrats, woohoo! Yes! She told me the who's, what's, and how's and all the dish she could do in a haircut session. I kept it together. I gave hugs and loves and said I would see her in 4 weeks as she was going to cut hair for a little bit longer. She is going to help me find a new hairdresser. That is amazingly nice of her.

Should I tell you that she is hairdresser #25? Yes, I am hard on hairdressers and I go through them like water. I feel that cutting hair is a service and a trust between two people. If I knew how to do it, I would do it myself, but I don't. Therefore, I pay someone to do it for me. With that payment comes great power. I found her and knew she was the one. We just clicked and her hands are magical beings from other worlds. I always say thank you to her magic fingers and she laughs. I don't know if she knows she was #25. I know she knows I had a few, but not to the extent of how many. Now, I am looking for #26. Hopefully, with her help, it will be #26 for another few years, crossing fingers.

I only had three hairdressers in Georgia; one married and moved (had her for 7 years), one I didn't like (only used once), and the last one I used for 15 years. They knew Southern hair. The bigger the hair the closer to God! When I let my hairdresser know I was moving to Ohio, she let me know what to ask for, back then, with the cut as in cut in pie shape up front with texturing on top and etc. It was like I was speaking a foreign language when I moved up here. I flew home a couple times, in the beginning, to keep getting my hair cut while I was searching for a hairdresser. She couldn't understand how hard it was to cut hair. I couldn't either. I am not a Midwestern plain no makeup girl. I like to do my hair and makeup. I like to have me time on me. I need style and not one length plain jane lazy hair.

I kept mentioning earlier that I kept it together while she was telling me all the deets. What I haven't mentioned, yet, is the huge crocodile tears sobbing that came afterwards. All day long, sobbing. Of course, I reached out to those that know me and know how I am, for comfort. They understood my plight and were there for me. My husband, was again, amazing! He kept hugging me and saying that we would find another one just as awesome. At one point, we were eating lunch, and I started sobbing huge crocodile tears again, I looked at him, and I mentioned that I didn't even know why I was so uncontrollable with this crying. He understood, he said I wasn't expecting to be told that day that I was loosing such an amazing person. Not only did she do great hair, but was a good person, too. He was right. I'm not good with people leaving me. I never have been. I will cut off someone in a heartbeat; I'm a Gemini. But, when it comes to losing someone I care about, I take it to heart, especially when they make me look this spectacular. 

Spring, it brings such wonderful wonders. New life and new beginnings. The world is ever changing and so are the people in it. We must embrace change with open arms and an open heart as it's the only constant in life. Thank you to Spring, once again, for bringing forth newness and joy in this great new year.

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Anonymous said...

My hairdresser has moved on to better things as well. So now I am looking, I have tried one place already (horrible experience)and am still looking I feel your pain, we are sisters of the hair!

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