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Monday, May 15, 2017

Life: Sunburns And Bells

Welcome back on this glorious Monday morning! The birds are chirping, the buzz saws are sawing away next door as they work on building a new deck, the sun is out, and the bees are doing what they love to do. It's already 57*F here today and I think it will continue to rise to the 70's today. I love warm weather, woo-hoo! Yes! Bring it on! I'm ready!

This weekend, I relaxed. My husband wouldn't let me do nary a thing. First and foremost, trying to rest my shoulder and get it healed, and secondly, it was Mother's Day weekend. He did many things outside and I would sit outside and watch him. I burn so easily; it's really quite ridiculous. In the morning on Saturday, I watched him prime and paint a bell he restored and rejuvenated. It was the last steps to do before setting it up in the yard. From just that one session, I was already pink from the sun, but the warmth felt so good.

It's an original bell from "The C. S. Bell Co." from Hillsboro, Ohio. He is very proud of it. He spent plenty of time with all the parts and restoring it back to presentation state. The bell, itself, weighs just over 70 lbs. and our neighbor graciously helped with hoisting the bell on top when it was time. It took three tries, two ladders, one bar, and wah-lah! Perfection!

I continued to spend time outside and, of course, my pink slowly turned to red. Such is the life of a pale red head. It was worth it though, being in the sun brings me so much happiness. My little old man was tuckered from being outside and we found him in the office. It's cooler in there and quieter. He barely opened his eyes when I came in. He was worn out from playing with bunnies and birds.

Mother's Day we enjoyed being outside, again. I kept my legs and arms covered so I wouldn't get a burn over a burn. The hubs thought it was pretty funny that I was covering up, but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. I received a card and the one thing that caught my eye were the stunning colors. I really loved the aqua/teal background with the gold leaves and pink glitter inside. Like, really loved! I wondered could a tattoo artist pick up the alluring majestic eye catching way of the front of this card? So gorgeous. The card really fit me and I have it on display on the night stand so I can glance it.

I hope all enjoyed their weekend. Tomorrow is an easy cheese recipe, yum. Great for those days outside when a bite is all you need. Stay hydrated and enjoy the sun.

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Anonymous said...

That is a handsome color embellishment on that card. I would love to see a room done like that maybe wallpaper, throw pillows, a chair, possibly towels yes a bathroom or bedroom? Or How about a eye-shadow pallet that would be special. Inspiration comes in many ways. Be well!

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