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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Life: Sunning And Chatting

It's a pretty day today! Thought I would sit outside and do a little chat session with y'all today. I got my drink here and the tunes flowing. I recently read an article that was about how to tan if the sun burns easily. It stated something of the nature of start by going out for 15 minutes a day for the first week and upping it by 5 minutes each additional week. I thought to myself that if I did it that way, I would never get a tan. Being, where I live, it would be cold again and my short time-frame would leave me hanging. So, in my way of thinking, I'll just start off with 30 minutes and increase from there each week. Come on now, we all know how that ended for me. Yes, got a burn, ha! OK, wasted a week tending to that and now doing it the way the article said to in the beginning. So far,I'm just doing the front as I can't lay on my front side to do the back, yet, yet. It's actually working. No, I'll never have the nice Native American olive tan skin my sister's have, but it'll be fairly tan golden. I'll take that. For as much as I love the warmth, heat, and summer, it'll do. I know pale healthy vampire skin is in, and I'm not looking to be charcoal brown, just a nice healthy glow.

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We put in bird feeders. It was a Father's Day gift for my husband. He really wanted hummingbird feeders and regular bird feeders, so off we went to find some and get them put up. I saw one hummingbird and one bee use the hummingbird feeder. I've seen several small brown birds use the regular feeders, though, I know many more have used it because the seed is slowly going down. I feel like we put them on the Dove's turf. They constantly "patrol" the area. I did see them mate in the area several times, so maybe we messed up their love den? I'll have to Google if Dove's are mean, because I feel like they could be. They definitely keep the other birds at bay. They love sleeping on the big round rocks below the feeders. I thought about painting them, but don't want to mess up their beds, clearly.
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On the other side of the yard, we put in Clematis and Honeysuckle. They are already blooming. The birds love that area. We recently added mushroom lights, they really are the perfect addition. Not too bright at night and very decorative during the day. I grew up with honeysuckle everywhere in Georgia. The smell of it in the air and the drinking of it, mmm, delicious. I can't wait to have my husband try one, he didn't believe they could be sipped. I had to call in the big guns, my southerners, and Google to help me prove it, ha-ha. I already sipped one, but he still hasn't. He will though, oh yes, he will. Mwah-ha-ha.
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Do you know what today is? Is it not marked on the calendar? It should be! It's the beginning of my BIRTHDAY month! If you've read previous birthday blogs, then it's probably marked on the calendar, already. I love birthdays more than Oprah loves bread. I celebrate all month. The actual day is a poopy day this year, but no worries as I celebrate all month! Yay! Running down the line hi-fiving everyone!! Woo-hoo! I'm so blessed. Even with my shoulder still a mess, that's ok. I'm alive and living. I'm able to take my next breath, sit in the glorious sun, and share this with everyone. Something so simple, that is denied to so many. It's so funny, 30 years ago, I had no concept of time. Life was infinite. Friends would come and go. My biggest worry was how to get my parents to let me stay up 30 minutes later. Here I am now, and think, I've probably seen half of my life, or very close to it, and I only have half left, Lord willing. I realize that each day is a gift and celebrate that gift each day, especially my birthday month, as I'm another year older and hopefully wiser.
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