METALandMIRRORS: Fuel Economy Update - 2016 Mini Cooper S Electric Blue Metallic (Post #9)

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Fuel Economy Update - 2016 Mini Cooper S Electric Blue Metallic (Post #9)

It's been far too long since my last update.  Many reasons for it, but suffice to say not an excuse.  My next update will discuss the backup camera; however, until then, I wanted to post my fuel statistics to keep everyone updated.  Again these fuel numbers are from day one of my ownership, so they are spot on in terms of actuals and trends.

As you can see, fuel cost has been very steady which is great considering it can be the most unstable variable.  My average 'Miles Per Day' have increased given I've been traveling to my parents more to help them out; however, the average 'Miles Per Gallon' have been unsteady with this extra travel given I have a lot more stop and go and unpredictable idle time.  I use the air conditioner when needed, so I'm not trying to control any one variable in my reporting by not using options that come with the vehicle.  Now that it's starting to get cooler, we'll see how the performance changes with the seasons.  That is what I'm interested in. However, I want to stress this realistic day-to-day living and not a controlled test.  This is what an individual can expect in terms of performance with this type of vehicle on a day to day basis.  My normal 'Cost Per Day' (w/o maintenance events) is less than $4.00 a day which is within reason. 

Until the next post, Motor On!

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