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Friday, December 29, 2017

Life: Cruise Control - 2016 Mini Cooper S Electric Blue Metallic (Post #7)

Hello, everyone.  Time once again for the fuel efficiency / operational cost summaries first.  

As I predicted last post, the MPG did drop once again remaining consistently below 35 MPG due to the heavy use of the air conditioning.  We continue to have very hot days near 100 degrees.  However, given the overall trend, the MPG are holding relatively steady in terms of ballpark numbers.  To no surprise, fuel costs continue to fluctuate, but remain fair.  As always, take a look at the data and let me know if you have any questions, or wish to see the data in other ways.  

Cruise control, I love it.  I use it whenever possible on the highways to maximize my cars efficiency, and I really enjoy not having to keep my foot on the accelerator pedal so much; it's relaxing I guess.  I'm going to assume we all own or have at least used a vehicle with cruise control for this post in order to avoid describing how cruise control works in too much detail.  Normally, cruise control is only functional at 20 MPH or higher as a rule.   

Below is a picture of the cruise controls on my 2016 Mini Cooper S.  Center button turns the cruise control on or off.  The SET button sets the speed, the + and - buttons increase or decrease the speed, and the RES / CNCL button resumes (RES) the speed if you have applied the break or cancels (CNCL) the operation of the cruise control exactly as if you had applied the break.   

That said, you reach the speed you wish to maintain, and you set your cruise control to maintain it.  What I like about the Mini Coopers cruise control is that it came with an extra feature I've never seen (or knew I had) with any other vehicle I've owned or operated before.

Once your in cruise control mode, we all know you can increase or decrease your speed incrementally by one (1) by pressing on the appropriate + or - buttons; however, the cruise control feature on the Mini Cooper also allows for what I'll call "deep pressing" of the + or - speed controls.  This adjusts the speed to the nearest value divisible by five (5).  And what I call "deep pressing", Mini calls it "past the point of resistance".  Pressing the + or - buttons to the "point of resistance", NOT past it, and holding it there, will accelerate or decelerate the vehicle to any desired speed much more rapidly.   

So, lets say your speed is currently 60 MPH, and you "deep press" (i.e. press the button past the point of resistance) the + button or - button, the speed will increase to 65 MPH or down to 55 MPH respectively depending on what button you pressed.  However, if you are at 58 MPH lets say, the speed will only increase to either 60 MPH or 55 MPH.  Again, it increments or decrements to the nearest value divisible by five (5) whenever you "deep press" the appropriate speed control.  Now, this isn't what I call the next wonder of the world, but I do like this feature a lot.  It's nice to be able to adjust speeds like that without a bunch of individual presses of the speed controls.  This feature is documented in Mini's vehicle operating manual; however, they over simplify the functions statement.  The manual states "...each time the + or - button is pressed past the point of resistance, the desired speed increases or decreases by a maximum of 5 MPH/10 km/h."  That's only true if you are on a multiple of five (5) in terms of your current speed (i.e. 55, 60, 65, etc.).  If you are at any speed other than that as explained above, it will only move your speed to the nearest value divisible by 5.  Mini should take the time to detail this for clarity.  Attention to detail as they always say.  

And for any Mini Cooper with the Heads Up Display (HUD) installed, it will show you are in cruise control mode with an icon in the upper let hand corner.  As you set or change the speed, the HUD will show you what you've set it to; however, the actual speed value will go away and just the cruise control icon will remain.  I really wish Mini would keep the cruise control speed displayed in the HUD after it's set, and not just the icon.  For me, the HUD should be as detailed as possible to avoid having to look down.  Perhaps one day, Mini will update this or allow for options to be set in the vehicle for customer preference.  

Until then, Motor on!

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