METALandMIRRORS: Life: First Maintenance Issue - 2016 Mini Cooper S Electric Blue Metallic (Post #6)

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Life: First Maintenance Issue - 2016 Mini Cooper S Electric Blue Metallic (Post #6)

In keeping with good faith and honest feedback, I wanted to report my first "maintenance issue" on my new 2016 Mini Cooper S.

Given its only been four months since I've owned the car, at least the first issue is very minor, and for the most part, mostly cosmetic.  I say mostly because the part affected is the frame seal weather strip on the driver side door which could have allowed moisture in given the right conditions.

Somehow the weather strip became deformed.  No idea how given I park in a garage at home, and in a covered parking garage at wok out of the sun. There guess was as good as mine as to what happened.  Whenever the window closes against the seal, it really expands the deformity out and prevents a tight seal as it should have.  See the photo below for what I'm talking about.  The part that you see highlighted gets worse when the window closes against it. 
When I took the car in for its first oil change on Saturday, 7/30, I called the issue to their attention. When I returned to pick up the car, Mini said they were ordering me a brand new frame seal to replace it.  No hesitation on their part whatsoever to do the right thing.  I can tell you I really thought they were going to pass it off as no risk to the car, and that things like that sometimes happen. 

Nope, they found it unacceptable and said a new seal was the way to go.  So nice to actually have service you hope for come true. So far, all interaction has been outstanding. 

The replacement part took seven business days to get in.  They called me the day after the part arrived and I dropped the car off.  Within two hours they called to report my Mini was all ready to go.  

Perfect job; it looked like it just came off the assembly line.  They washed my car, and vacuumed the interior too.  Great experience from start to finish.  

Until then...Motor On!

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