METALandMIRRORS: Life: Heads Up Display - 2016 Mini Cooper S Electric Blue Metallic (Post #3)

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Life: Heads Up Display - 2016 Mini Cooper S Electric Blue Metallic (Post #3)

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Before I get into the Heads-Up-Display details, let me keep to tradition for my blog entries and provide my latest fuel economy ratings.  As of this update, I have filled the fuel tank a total of nine times.  The current average city/highway fuel combination is tracking very steady at 35.96 mpg compared to my last report of 36.13, and before that 36.07 mpg.  Again, very consistent MPG I would say.  With the variable again being fuel cost, I'm averaging $2.76 per gallon, $26.92 per fill-up, and 9.75 gallons per fill.  

The heads-up-display (HUD) is was of my favorite techie features for my mini.  Although it was optional, the additional $1250 was well worth the cost; however, it's important to note the option depends upon buying the $750 MINI Connected "Media Package" so there's where to total cost comes into play.  The height-adjustable heads-up display (HUD) incorporated into the Cooper S offers a full-color display that is projected onto a semitransparent lens atop the dashboard, and in the driver's field of vision, rather than directly onto the windshield. Turn-by-turn navigation graphics, media information, current speed, cruise control, safety system warnings, and an integrated smartphone interface can be displayed here, keeping drivers well informed without having to look too far away from the road.  Essentially a one-stop shop for in-car information at your finger tips. 

You may wonder if having a small scale transparent display pop up from the dash and into the line of sight might be a distraction, I can tell you it is not.  First, it's not literally in your line of sight. That is to say you can look directly out your windshield and see perfectly fine.  It is located on the top of the dashboard with what I'll say is "within your line of sight" thereby allowing you to look forward, yet see the HUD's readout perfectly fine.  After using it multiple times now, I was completely absorbed into the glance-and-know appeal.  And it just looks great - the kind of car tech thing you'd love to show off.  And you can easily customize the angle and brightness to suit your needs using the center selection knob controls for finite corrections. This is perfect given everyone who needs to drive can customize the display to suit there height. 

And some may complain that this isn't a true HUD because it's not projected on the windscreen. That's nonsense - a quick google search will show that the HUDs in fighter jets are not projected on the canopy either - but instead above the instrument panel and in front of the pilots line of sight almost exactly as the mini does. The few cars that do have it in the windshield have a small reflective piece within the glass to create the effect; however, if you need to change the windshield it would be several hundred dollars more as a result since it has the reflective piece within the glass. I prefer the way Mini tackled this one.

I use the HUD primarily on long drives, and especially whenever I need to use the navigation system.  Otherwise I "disable" the auto launch of the HUD and keep it off by use of the right-most toggle switch as seen in the screenshot below. When the display is folded down, the Head-Up Screen switches off automatically. With the flip of the toggle switch you can easily turn on or off the display at any time, at any speed day or night.

Far right toggle switch is what controls the HUD's on or off operation:
In my opinion, the photos I took to demonstrate the HUD do not do it justice. The HUD display is extremely easy to see even in direct sunlight. During the hours of darkness, the display adjusts the brightness automatically in the same way as for the dashboard instruments. However, the images I took make it look small and grainy to me.  I tried repeatedly to take them in various different ways, but found it's very difficult and problematic to shoot HUD photos with a camera.  I wouldn't have thought so, but that explains why you can't find many images online, and most are YouTube videos instead.  

The frame of the Head-Up Screen in sophisticated black does not reflect sunlight, thus preventing the driver from being distracted by any reflected light. With the HUD, MINI is offering a product in the premium sector that not only delivers innovative OLED technology and high-quality material, but which is also perfectly coordinated with the design of MINI cars.

At the end of this blog are the photos I took to see what I've been discussing.  Again, do NOT let the quality of the photos I've taken discourage you from looking at this feature if you are looking to purchase a Mini, or add it to one you already own.  Best thing to do is go to a Mini dealer by you and see for yourself.  But be warned.  Once you use it, you'll not want to go without.  :-)   

I'm not quite certain what I want to review next.  I'll take suggestions, or I can just surprise you all next time.  Until then...

Motor Hard.  

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