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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

LIfe: Look at Me - 2016 Mini Cooper S Electric Blue Metallic (Post #2)

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MINI calls the Cooper’s look a “classic bulldog stance”, meaning it is wide-set and fierce. I've named my Mini Cooper S after our departed English Bulldog, Maiba.  There are similarities in both of them in terms of how you would describe each one.  It made for both a memorable decision, as well as an honorable one.   

As I mentioned in my last post back on May 30th that I planned on covering every interior switch and compartment my vehicle is equipped with, what it does, and how often I actually use it.  Additionally, I was going to report on fuel economy and long-term satisfaction.  And lastly, I was going to follow-up with photos of the two exterior add-ons I purchased.  They were the BLACK/GREY CHECKERED SIDE SCUTTLES ($193.00) and the BLACK/GREY CHECKERED FLAG MIRROR CAPS ($200.00).  

I purchased the Mini back on April 8th, and so far I've filled the fuel tank a total of seven times.  The current average city/highway fuel combination is 36.13 mpg compared to my last report of 36.07 mpg. Very consistent MPG I would say.  My daily round trip to work is approximately 45 miles with a combination of mostly approximately 70% highway, and 30% city.  Unfortunately, some of the highway travel is more like city with morning and evening commute traffic.  My weekend travels are a fairly good mix as well, so nothing there to skew any results.  I have made a couple multi hour trips, and clearly see where the MPG would increase if I were to actually take a long distance road trip.  With the variable being fuel cost, I'm averaging  $25.24 per fill-up, and 9.91 gallons per fill.  And it's important to note I only use the high-end fuel as well; 93 octane.  So if you choose to use a lower fuel grade, you'll easily see a drop in my average cost to fill up.  

Now, for the add-ons I mentioned above, here is a photo of the Mini before they were applied:
And here is a photo post application:
Subtle, just enough to call out something is different.  On sunny days, they really stand out much more than you would expect, but still take a double-take if you look to quick.  I just wanted something a little different than stock, and I love the effect.  The dark color scheme still applies too.

That will do it for this post.  Nest time around, I'll get inside the car and tackle the heads-up-display (HUD) and my thoughts on that.  Until then...

Motor on! 

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