METALandMIRRORS: Life: UPDATE Speedometer Surprise - 2016 Mini Cooper S Electric Blue Metallic (Post #8)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Life: UPDATE Speedometer Surprise - 2016 Mini Cooper S Electric Blue Metallic (Post #8)

Finally! I've compiled all my testing results to publish my closing comments regarding my speedometer variance.   

But first, as is always tradition with my blog, the all important fuel efficiency report. As you will quickly see from my last fill-up, I had my second worst fuel efficiency rating since my first day of ownership with a reported 28.97 mpg. Now, this was a result of several factors which included hot days with A/C running, multiple short inter-city drives, test drives related to my final speedometer verifications, and lots of idling in between.  It was just a week where I was catching up on a lot of running around to get things done.  You can see the large upturn in average miles per day for August showing just how much different my driving habit differed from the prior trends.  

I knew my mpg was going to take a hit, I just wasn't sure by how much.  Considering all the variables, I find it acceptable.  At least I know what to expect when my driving is outside my normal pattern.  Overall, it had very little impact to my cost per mile trend, and only a small impact to my average mpg trend.  The upside was that fuel was much cheaper which was nice. 
It's been slightly over one month since my original post on the speedometer discovery.  July 12th to be exact.  I can tell you I've tested to my hearts content as they say. 

My final results indicate the following:  My speedometer is officially misrepresenting my speed by three (3) MPH faster than I'm actually traveling. 

So, to recap how I tested and validated my speedometer, here is what I did:

I tested with five independently owned cell phones that were a mix of different models of iPhones, and Androids.  I tested with multiple cell phone applications which consisted of WAZE, Navigon North American, Garmin U.S.A, Spyglass, and MotionX GPS.  The testing also included two independent GPS hardware devices from Garmin.  They were the Garmin DriveLuxe 50LMTHD and the Garmin nĂ¼vi 55LMT.  Finally, I enlisted the help of my local city police department in my testing.  They ran RADAR for me to confirm my speeds several times to validate their results.

The tests were also conducted with other vehicles as well for baselines.  For simplicity sake, the results were very consistent with those vehicles.  That is to say, their speedometers were on point, or within one mph of the expected reading.

So, I'll live with the three (3) mpg difference as I still consider this no major cause for concern.  However, if for any reason this variance would become any larger, I would have Mini take a look.

And as I mentioned in my original post.  I'd much rather be showing I'm going faster than I actually am instead of the opposite. :-)  Safer and much harder to get a ticket that way.  And knowing I do have a variance, allows me to adjust my speed accordingly to stay in balance with the traffic around me. 

That's it.  Would love to hear from any other Mini owners what they experience.  Until then...

Motor On!

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