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Monday, December 18, 2017

Pipes: Ardor Christmas 2002 Urano Fantasy

Whew! What a weekend! Our son came home from Germany for the holiday's. He is in the Army stationed there and has done so much, already. He is really making good use of his time volunteering, travelling, and learning all he can. He is looking forward to cramming as much as he can into his short time frame here before he goes back.

As some of you may have noticed; we have a new Author on the blog. Huzza! The crowd goes wild, ooo ahhh! The first few post from him are catch up and then, beginning in the new year, they will be monthly.

Christmas is seven days away, one week. Consider the "fat lady" warming up her voice, folks! Today we are celebrating the holiday with a Christmas pipe. One of many to be shown this week. This one is the Ardor Christmas 2002 Urano Fantasy Bent Dublin. Of course, as you can tell from the picture, this one is a showcase one. I don't know if it will ever be in rotation, being it's 15 years old, I'm gonna say a big no to that.

This craggy sandblasted rusticated finish brings out a ton of texture which creates distinctive ring-like ripples climbing the bowl. The white acrylic stem with the blue dot (Ardor's dot) really enhances this pipe and brings it to life.

Though the length is 5.33" it weighs in at a hefty 2.66 oz., just incredible. The bowl height is 1.91" and the outside diameter is 1.75". The chamber depth is 1.68".

A Dublin is a pipe having a bowl that tapers downward from the (typically flat) rim. The pipe can have any kind of shank or stem and be straight or bent. Dublin's often have a tapered chamber which allows the flavor of the tobacco to build as it is smoked. Also, usually, the chamber is tapered to keep the briar thickness even all around the chamber.

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