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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pipes: Danny Boy Pirate Ship

When you go to sit down with your leg under you in a chair and sit wrong so you have to stand back up and retry it, yeahhh that. The thing is, I tried to fix it by scooching over in the chair and leaning sideways to pull the leg under more and up. Then, did the little hop thing in the chair before I had to laugh at myself and just say ugh, OK, let me stand up and start over. I am three sentences in and all that work is down the drain because I am now sitting cross-legged. Such is the life of legs.

Today's pipe is what started it all.The first pipe we bought was a pear wood with an ebonite stem Danny Boy Pirate Ship pipe. I grew up with my dad smoking a pipe before he went to cigarettes and then on to cigars. The patience to smoke one and the aroma that filled the air stays in my memories. I remember seeing his pouch and pipe atop his bureau and sneaking a whiff of the Captain Black every now and then. I thought it was the utmost of manliness and so cavalier.

Now, in the present day, it is becoming a lost art. The smoking rooms are less and less and the pipe clubs are fewer and fewer. The clubs meet up in different spots around the country yearly and there always seem to be a good turn-out of young and old. The thing I love most is the camaraderie of pipers. It is almost a universal language that is spoken amongst all. Though, many have different viewpoints on what is best to smoke, all appreciate the difference of opinion.

We love going to the Ohio Renaissance Festival, yearly. We actually go to several of them in a couple of states. We dress in garb and enjoy the time. This is where we purchased our first pipe. We purchased it to go with my husband's pirate captain's outfit. The different colors of the pear wood and metal ship nicely stand out in contrast to the blue and black garb.

Ebonite and Vulcanite are essentially the same material: vulcanized rubber. The process of vulcanization converts natural rubber into a harder and more durable material. Ebonite was simply a brand name obtained by Charles Goodyear for the vulcanized rubber material. There are a variety of industrial uses for vulcanite (sheets and rods), which is what pipe makers use to craft a 'hand cut' stem. Vulcanite can also be a liquid cast. "Pre-form" stems are made from injecting liquid vulcanite into a mold, resulting in a 'cast' stem. Many pipe makers use high-quality vulcanized rods due to the microscopic exclusion of bubbles and, therefore, much slower oxidation. Ebonite and Vulcanite are used among pipe makers and factories interchangeably for the same product.

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