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Monday, December 4, 2017

Pipes: Lorenzo Oom-Paul

Today started off cr-aa-aa-zzyy. Ever have one of those days where everything just made you mad? I really had to take a step back and breathe. I am positive and happy 95% of the time. 3% of the time I am in my head and processing and 2% of the time, oooo, better watch out because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I have hands for days and a mouth to boot. I know this. I really try to think and pray on the positive. Pray for someone who has hurt you, for they do not understand. Anger comes from a place of sadness and when one can process this sadness, it is easier to move forward.

I wasn't going to workout today. Pure old laziness. I didn't want to do it, wah wah. Then, I thought, maybe it is the best thing for me today to channel my feelings into something better before I let my thoughts, and mouth, get the best of me. Off I go! Le sigh, it is just not my day. Couldn't get shuffle to work on Pandora and then it totally stopped working. I worked out in silence with just the rhythm of the rower. Of course, my mouth went to town in my head and by the time the workout was over, I felt much better.  

I wasn't sure what to write about our pipe collection, but wanted to start this series up. I wasn't sure where to start or what to mention first. I, also, have a YouTube channel. We, my husband and I, usually talk about makeup, guns, and OK mostly guns and ammo, ha! We decided to incorporate our pipes and tobacco, as well. I thought, for those that aren't subscribed to our channel, I would give snippets and rundowns of what we have. 

The first pipe I'd like to mention is the Oom Paul. We have three of these, all by Lorenzo. We have two red and one brown. The grain work on the brown one is just ah-mah-zing! I fell in love with it and the red one was so stunning. We had to have both of them. They went in the display case and haven't been smoked. I've been drooling over the red one and really really wanted to break it in, yez yez (add evil smile and rubbing hands together). But, I was told no by the Mr.πŸ˜’ Fortunately, we stumbled upon another red one while visiting a tobacco shop way south of here and when I saw it, I had to have it. Yes, it has been broken in!

Look at the grain work and the color, mm-hmm.

What is an oom-Paul? The Oom-Paul (Afrikaans for Uncle Paul) is a pipe shape named after Paul Kruger, President of the ZAR (Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek) during the late 1800's. It is defined as a fully (or at least very deeply) bent shape, typically with a cylindrical, Billiard-like bowl and a shank-end that is even in height with the rim. Generally this shape is noted for producing a very easy balance for leaving clenched between the teeth, while still providing a bowl with a deep chamber. It is also sometimes called a Hungarian.

That color! Brilliant!

How does it smoke? I, personally, don't clench my pipes. I really like to hold them in my hand. When I have have minute to pipe I like the whole experience of it and not doing other things where I would have to hold it in my mouth. With that being said, it is easy to clench and easy on the jaw because of its design and not in the way when looking around. Great for a book read, also. It does hold a nice bit of tobacco. It can gurgle, but more in the stem than in the bowl and is easily rectified with slower puffing techniques and/or dryer tobacco. 

Though, this may not be my #1 pipe to smoke, it does come in second for me. I love the way it holds in my hand. The color demands attention, especially outside when the sun hits it and tobacco smokes beautifully through it. I have smoked non-aromatic and aromatic in it and both were such a pleasure. 

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