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Friday, December 8, 2017

Pipes: Mastro Beraldi Giant

Happy Fri-Yay everyone! Woohoo, we made it another week! Pat yourself on the back for being an awesome person. I thought I wasn't hungry until I sat down and started typing. Can you hear my stomach growling?? I brought cottage cheese and tuna fish today for lunch, but I am really jonesing for some oatmeal. Which one, which one? Let me toss a coin and see. Apples & Cinnamon oatmeal it is. The crowd goes wild, ahhh heeeee hooooooo. Alright, let me go make some real quick. I am back. Of course, it is too hot and must let it sit for a minute whilst I type some. I think my stomach sees it and is calling to it.

The pipe du jour is the Mastro Beraldi Giant. This is considered "ours" and sits in the showcase, as well. We, frequently, go to the Tinder Box here in our neck of the woods. It is the closest tobacco and pipe shop around where we know the people and have good conversation. Paxton and Mike are normally there when we go and we have a great rapport with them. We are getting used to seeing the friendly faces in the lounge area and just have a generally nice time there.

On one of our trips there, we were perusing the pipes before heading on and my husband noticed this giant and didn't say anything out loud to me about it. He was holding the different ones and looking at them. I was looking at the Nording's and Peterson's along the wall. I walked to where he was and saw this giant. I am more vocal then he is and said oh my gosh, I needs this, did you see this? Looked at it, loved it, and had to have it. I went to stake claim to it and the hubby then tells me no, no, he saw it first. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ Whaaaa, whoooo? I don't even, umm no. So, this is an "us" pipe and not smoked. We do have a Beraldi in rotation, so all is not lost.

This pipe is made with Italian aged briar wood. The mouthpiece is ebonite and also made by Italian factories. Even though the stem is ebonite, they have incorporated charming water colors and varnish so it is not basic black. The Mastro Beraldi line is mainly offered in the United States.

Briar is the primary wood from which tobacco pipes are made. The name is a corruption of the French word "bruyere," or heath tree, a low shrub found throughout Europe, though mainly around the Mediterranean. The true briar is only made out of the very hard, dry root of the mature shrub which may be anything up to 250 years old.

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