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Monday, December 11, 2017

Pipes: Nording Royal Flush Carved Bent Apple

Happy Monday, everyone! It's been one of those mornings when I had so much to do that I sat there and played Solitaire for an hour. Once I got moving, I tried to do it all in 5 minutes, ha! Now come on Cletus, I know better than that! I made a small list to keep me focused and started crossing things off one by one. I walked into the kitchen to grab some medicine and totally forgot I had put some deer in the crock pot. It smelled so delicious. I stopped for a second, like what is that aroma, and then I giggled. Oh yeah, silly me, it's food. Now, I am here, writing for y'all.

The next pipe in the series is the Nording Royal Flush Carved Bent Apple. This one is a beaut! It offers plenty of substance in the hand, meaning it is a nice hold. The chamber is a nice size being at 1.48". It has extra stout walls with the outside diameter coming in at 1.94". This one has not been smoked, neither. As stated previously in one of my other blogs, we have a Nording in rotation, so no need to put a burn on this one. Nording has different variations of this pipe with black and white acrylic stems and some have a silver band with it, as well. We loved the white against the black and red; stunning contrast!

Jet black carvings with the smooth areas being in a red-hued stain, regal!

The length of this pipe is 5.49" and the weight comes in at an even 2.00 oz.. The bowl height is 1.82" and the shape is a bent apple. An Apple is a rounded version of the Billiard. The bowl is curved on both sides, much like the fruit it's named for, and usually has a rounded shank. The bowl is the part of the pipe which holds the tobacco chamber. The chamber, while often used interchangeably (and incorrectly) with the word bowl, is the hollow inside of the pipe where the tobacco sits. It is connected at the heel to the draft hole and airway. The chamber is traditionally bored out before rough shaping of the stummel begins.

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