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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pipes: Nording Spiral Freehand

Mmm-mmm! I made some sweet italian sausage last night for supper and had one leftover for lunch today. It is so delicious! I am on my last bite and have to ready myself for it so I can make peace with knowing that it is the last bite for there is no more. So gooooood!

OK! Noms noms are gone and I can tell you about this next stunning pipe. This one is mine and in the showcase. I looked at this Nording smooth briar freehand pipe for a while and decided to go for it. I adore the curves and lines in it. It holds nicely and the color is just spectacular. I really, really want to smoke this one, but we already have a Nording in rotation, so it sits on display on the ready.

Glossy jet black stain with a light natural matte finish, dazzling!

I am a sucker for light natural matte finishes. They are just so appealing to me. Then, when it was combined with a black stain, swoon! I was in love! The measurements are spectacular. The length is 5.92" with the weight being 2.10 oz. The bowl height is 2.28" along with the the outside diameter of 1.96". The chamber depth is 1.82" for a nice smoke, indeed.

They are called Nording pipes because his name is Eric Nording. He, probably, has produced more freehand pipes than any other pipe maker. He really wanted to give the pipes a unique and original look as compared to his traditional counterparts of the English, Italian, or French variety. With the freehand pipes, he tries to follow the grain, when making his creative choices, and incorporate the natural defects within the wood. 

Generally speaking, a Freehand pipe could be any shape that the bowl and/or shank could not be turned on a lathe. There are a great deal of shapes which fall into this category, though 'Freehand' also refers to a pipe in which the carver shapes first and drills secondly. While most classic shapes have narrower rules for design, Freehand shapes can take advantage of grain and artistic whimsy and creativity. Olifant, Blowfish, Ramses, Elephant's Foot, Horn, and Fig are only some examples. Most pipes made today, outside of a factory, could be considered Freehand designs; which is why many of their names have become common designs of their own.

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