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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pipes: Peterson Atlantic Fishtail

Good morning! Good morning! Oh, what a lovely day it is! I got the Christmas tunes playing on the Echo Dot. I forget this one is named "Computer", so I normally spend the first couple tries calling her "Echo" or "Alexa" and my other ones will be answering and then, I will remember that it is "Computer". Talk about stubborn with names. Sounds like me when I was a kid. Being my name is Gabrielle and I grew up in the South, it was never pronounced right. I can't say the Mid-West is any better. I can remember getting in trouble on a couple of occasions for not answering people when they didn't pronounce my name right. I was an easy going child for the most part, but for some reason, I was stubborn on my name. Of course, now that Chanel has a perfume out titled with my name, it should be said right all the time now 😏.

I went to the grocery store yesterday, got some things things. Among those were the eggnog I kept saying I had to get, because what is Christmas Holidays without eggnog? I had this brilliant idea of putting it in my coffee this morning instead of Silk. Umm, hmm, let's just say that they do not play well together. Lesson learned. I, also, picked up some cinnamon butter. It was a holiday splurge. Thought I could use it in some recipes and maybe on some toast. I know, I know; I hear the murmurs already about my allergy. Yes, I am allergic to cinnamon, but I LOVE it. In my head I am thinking I am helping build a tolerance to it. However, I don't believe that is the case. The last couple of times I have indulged, I believe it has gotten a tad worse, eek! Let's not focus on that, though.

Let's focus on the pipe of the day, shall we! Today is the Peterson Atlantic Series "01" Fishtail. It is very clear to see the oceanic inspiration in this series. The blue bent billiard briar with the greenish fishtail stem embodies the deep Atlantic Ocean and the vast life thriving within the depths. This is a showcase one and it sits right next to the Peterson Summertime as the colors go so well together.

Deep Royal Blue with Greenish-Yellow Acrylic Stem

On the stem is the foil stamped "P" for Peterson and on the front of the band it has "Atlantic". The length is a nice 5.46" and the weight is 1.8 oz. The height is 1.79" with the outside bowl diameter being 1.44" and the bowl depth is 1.46". It can be a nice hold depending on how the pipe is held. I, particularly, like the height and bowl to be closer to 2", but it is solely preference.

A Billiard is probably the most ubiquitous of the pipe shapes. The Billiard has a cylindrical bowl, a shank that is equal in length to the height of the bowl, and can wear any stem type while still remaining a Billiard.

A "bent" is simply a catch-all term for a pipe bearing some degree of bend in the transition, shank, or the stem.

A "fishtail" is referring to a stem that bells out at the lip/mouthpiece, like a fishtail. It is a cosmetic look as the bore is the same, straight down the stem. Some people have stated that they find this particular type more comfortable to hold in the mouth. It is all preference.   

This Christmas music has me hyped. I am singing away and one song I was dancing along. Indubitably, it took me longer to write this and get back into the thinking mode, ha! Sometimes, just gotta roll with it. With that, I bid you adieu. Happy puffing!

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