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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Pipes: Peterson Dracula Fishtail

Hi all! Welcome back! That wind sure is trying to blow in that cold weather. It's been cold, don't get me wrong, I don't live in the south anymore. However, it is trying to blow in coldER temperatures. I have a holiday penguin on the front porch that lights up and blinks at night and I have had to rescue him a couple times today from the wind. Now, he is nestled in the very corner of the porch. He won't be lit up tonight as he would have to come out of his hiding spot to do that and I prefer to not find him across the street when I wake up in the morning. Or, worse yet, squished in the road from a car driving by as he blew across.

Today, I am showing off the Peterson Dracula "01" Sandblasted Fishtail we have in the display case. This is not one to be smoked, just a show piece. Even though, I think it would hold and smoke beautifully. I love the curve of the acrylic stem and the height of the bowl. 

This particular "01" bent pot briar pipe with a sandblasted finish is 5.70" and weighs about 2.11 oz. The bowl height is 1.81" and the outside diameter is 1.47". Oh, and the chamber depth is 1.53"; a nice size pot. The silver band has a bat on it; which, the picture did not pick up too well. The red and black acrylic fishtail stem really does this black sandblasted pot justice. 

Look at that craggy pitch black sandblast and blood red stem, alluring!

A "bent" is simply a catch-all term for a pipe bearing some degree of bend in the transition, shank, and/or stem. The bowl will vary in form, and most classic shapes can be found in both bent and straight variants.

A "pot" is a classic shape-chart design similar in profile to the Billiard, just with a shorter bowl and a typically broader chamber.

I, particularly, like Peterson's. My favorite happens to be a Peterson pipe. With that being said, I have many contenders from different brands. I find that some brands can be picked up and smoked and from the first bowl, they are just brilliant. Others, a few bowls have to be donned before they really start to show their worth. Peterson Pipes are the kind that needs a few bowls put through them. Once they have a few bowls under their belt, wow! Ah-mah-zing! 

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great looking pipe. Looks to me like it sits atop the story of Dracula by Bram Stoker. Very nice combination indeed. Enjoy the pipe!

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