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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Pipes: Peterson Summertime 2017

Hey there! Happy Wednesday to everyone! I got up this morn, got dressed and donned one of my new beanies on as it is cold, 16° this morn and snowy, brrrr! I did my grocery shopping, ran to Starbucks, got home and put it all away, and here I am. All before noon time. Man, I am doing good today. *high five*

Can we talk about the calories in this gingerbread loaf I got? ๐Ÿ˜ฒ WTF?!? 500 calories. That is breakfast and lunch right there. Wow! So glad I looked at nutrition before I ate it all. They were out of the protein boxes and bananas, Le sigh. I tried to be healthy, so went the other way. It is good, but of no benefit to me and, again, the calories.

Looks like I'll be shoveling tomorrow. I did think about it today, but the snow isn't that much where it needs it yet as the last snow melted some. I figure, as long as I can see some driveway, it can wait another day. But, definitely, tomorrow I'll be shoveling. I like it. I hate being cold! Let me repeat that, I HATE BEING COLD! However, I rather enjoy shoveling snow. Such the conundrum.

Today's pipe is the Peterson Summertime 2017 Limited Edition pipe. Thought I would throw some sun your way in these cold cold temperatures. This is the second release in the Summertime line. It is a nice blast brown with an orange finish. The mouthpiece is a handsome orange swirl acrylic. It has the traditional hot foil "P" on the stem with the sun on the band.

Striking orange!

This is a showcase pipe. We have several Peterson pipes in rotation and we just love them. I love them. My favorite is a Peterson, so it was hard to just showcase this one. All the same, it is and looks stunning sitting beside the Atlantic one. I always want to call it Atlantis for some reason, but nope, it is Atlantic. Which will be talked about tomorrow. The colors side by side really hit it off.

I hope this brought some sunshine your way. It did for me. Christmas is 12 days away. I can't even believe that. It is the first time I have looked at the calendar to see how many more days we have. Another year has come and gone. As soon as I receive the return labels I ordered from Vistaprint, which should be by Friday, I can mail all those Christmas cards I have waiting. I was waiting on stamps, got those. Now for labels. I do have all those free labels I get all year from various junk mail I receive. I wanted something a little spruced up for the Christmas cards, though. 

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Until tomorrow, happy puffing!

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