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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Pipes: Savinelli St Nicholas 2014 Rustic

Oh my gosh, y'all! I found another address sheet to add to my address book. At least I already had most of them in the book. I had a handful I had to write and get out. OK! Unless some more addresses pop up somewhere, I should be all up to date in the address book. Until someone moves or changes status, again, ha!

I was watching a television show and they were at a holiday ball and had the strings playing in the background. I grew up playing strings. I started with the Violin, moved to Cello, Base, and then ended up with the Viola. I picked the Viola as it is slightly larger than the Violin and has a lower and deeper sound. It is considered the middle child of the Violin family, being between the Violin and the Cello. The Viola has less responsive strings and a heavier bow which warrants a different bowing technique and in turn means the lean has to be more intense on the strings. This was up my ally as I have always had a heavy hand. Watching them play in the background, as the show was carrying on, I became nostalgic for the band and the concerts we did. Now, it is just a hobby and my husband plays guitar sometimes.

Speaking of years gone past, today's pipe is from 2014. It is the Savinelli St Nicholas 2014 "606" Rustic Pipe. The 606 shape is probably the second best seller of Savinelli. This could be because of the slender bent Billiard and a proportion that is nearly perfect.


The acrylic band is colored with red and green and the black acrylic stem has the foil imprint of the Savinelli mark. This one is part of a collection and is showcased. The length is a great length of 5.97" and the weight is 1.7 oz. The bowl height is 1.91" and the outside diameter is 1.55". This one can take a filter of 6 mm.

Savinelli has 86 different shapes of pipes, give or take. Not all shapes of pipes are done in every series and/or collection. We started off collecting the 606 in the St Nicholas collection and, so far, have been lucky that they have chosen to continue the 606 each year. If they choose to not do the 606 one year, then we will pick one that is the closest to the shape for the collection.

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Five days until Christmas, eek! Until next time, happy puffing!

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