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Friday, December 22, 2017

Pipes: Savinelli St Nicholas 2015 Rustic

Three more days until Christmas! It's so close I can feel it. The tingling in the air, the crisps blows on my cheek, the won.... oh, wait... that's old man winter! Winter officially started yesterday! I think most people just say it's Winter the day after Thanksgiving. Poor Autumn and Thanksgiving, they just never get their due time.

I feel like I am running so late today, even though I'm not. I just feel hurried and behind. I did sleep later than I wanted to, so maybe, that has something to do with it. We have holiday colds. Being out and about around so many people during the holidays, one is bound to pick up something in the air. The old saying about starve a fever and feed a cold is working pretty well.

The pipe for today is the Savinelli St. Nicholas 2015 Rustic 606 Pipe. The 2015 version has a nice black acrylic stem with the Savinelli foil stamp. The band has the festive colors of red, green, and silver. The bowl is a nice rusticated black finish. This is part of the Savinelli Christmas collection in our showcase.

Ho! Ho! Ho-liday delight!

The length is 5.75" and the bowl is 1.75". The weight is a nice 1.88 oz. Of course this is a briar and it can hold a 6 mm filter.

A finish refers to the techniques, stains, and waxes applied to the exterior surface of a pipe. Common finishes are smooth, rusticated, sandblasted, carved, and natural. 

Remember Molly from my other blog on Where have I been? She hasn't quite taken to her role, as of yet, as proof listener or lap buddy. She, basically, does what she wants and shows up on Friday for the paycheck. Today, she just wanted to lay on the laptop or walk all over the desk. I put her in my lap and gave her some loves and off she went. I may have to rethink her title, HA!

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Until next time, happy puffing!

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