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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Pipes: Savinelli St Nicholas 2016 Rustic

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!! We made it through the madness and it's finally here. Why is it that all this prep and energy takes so long and it is over in just a minute? It's kind of like planning a huge meal. All day is spent in the kitchen, preparing and cooking. Getting everything just right and then it is over in 30 minutes. Then, on to clean up. Le Sigh, it is over so fast.

I am pretty sure this is why my parents had a tradition of taking our time opening our presents. The name itself, is to be present. Be in the moment. Give everyone their due time with their gift. Let the person who took the time and effort to buy and wrap it, see the person unwrap it and get their reaction. Let everyone see, the giver and receiver, the joy of the present. Appreciate what it took to get to this moment. I really enjoy that. I carried this tradition on to my family. Who cares if it takes a few hours to get through everything? It took a month or so to get it all together, so enjoy that time. Appreciate the time together, the smiles, the laughing, the talking, it is all worth it. Don't rush this time that took so long to come together.

The pipe of today is the Savinelli St Nicholas 2016 Rustic 606 pipe. This is part of the collection in the showcase. It is a briar with a black acrylic stem foil stamped with the Savinelli logo. The band is nickel with red acrylic. It can hold a 6 mm filter. The shape, being a 606, is a classic Billiard.

Look at that green bowl, perfect!

This pipe has a length of 5.96" and a weight of 1.7 oz. The bowl height is a nice 2.02" and the outside diameter is 1.56". The picture is not giving proper justice to the rustic green against the red and black. Just splendid!

The Billiard has a cylindrical bowl, a shank that is equal in length to the height of the bowl and can wear any stem type while still remaining a Billiard.

The shank is the part of the pipe that joins the bowl and the stem. Usually, the shank is carved from the same material as the bowl.

Until next time, happy puffing!

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