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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Pipes: Savinelli St Nicholas 2017 Rustic

Good morning, all! Hello, hello! It is the day after Christmas. The hustle and bustle has slowed down and many people are still meeting up to get their last get-together's in before the end of the old year and the new year comes in with a bang. I'm one of those people still trying to make plans and fit everyone in. It's rather silly, I was thinking to myself this morning, that we can see these people anytime, but we are all scrambling about to see them during the glow and cheer of the holidays. It's sweet, too. I'm thankful that I have people to see and work in to my life; who want to make time for me and see me. I'm blessed in many ways.

I have chores to do. Anyone else out there who is looking around the house at the things to do? I have to make my list and stay focused. If not I'll just be pinging from room to room as I see things and not completely finishing one thing. I normally start out that way, let me do this and walk into a room and do that and then see something in that room and get sidetracked and do that, and after a few rooms of pinging, I feel anxiety. I have to stop myself and say no, no Ms. Thang, stay focused, go make a list. It goes faster and I have no anxiety once the chore list is created.

The first thing on the list is the Savinelli St Nicholas 2017 Rustic 606. It is this year's Christmas pipe from Savinelli. The white acrylic stem is delectable. I have noticed several pipe makers using white stems this year. Some with swirls, plain, iridescent, and opaque. It is definitely the color for stems this year. This pipe is sporting a warm rustication and ruby accents paired to a creamy white stem.

Red, Ruby, Santa Love!

This is a low slung Billiard, like the other 606's of previous years. It carries plenty of bowl coming in at 2.02" and outside diameter at 1.54". This is a great jaw hanger for those that like to bite or hold pipes in their jaws/teeth. For us, it will go in the showcase with the other years. It has a length of 5.89" and, also, can hold a 6 mm filter.

Acrylic is a type of plastic used for the production of stems, tenons, and accent bands. It is preferred for its durability, workability, and (even better) it will not oxidize like vulcanite.

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