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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy New Year Pipe Smokers and Collectors

Want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!

My wife and I finished our first year as tobacco pipe smokers and collectors.  For 2017, we amassed 56 tobaccos pipes, and 74 unique blends of tobacco.  Of the 56 pipes, 32 are in our rotation, the remaining 24 are collectibles only for now. 

Pipe smoking taught us several lessons, but like anything else, most things worth having or worth experiencing take effort to master. As pipe smokers this should resonate with us. There are, after all, easier ways to consume tobacco. A pipe challenges us. It forces us to adopt a disciplined technique, and it reserves its pleasures for those who work for them. In this way, as in so many others, pipe smoking has much to teach us. The perfect smoke, like a great New Year, is worth working for. May you find both in abundance this year as well.

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