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Monday, January 29, 2018

New Traditions - Tobacco Pipe Collecting

The first formal job I had was working for AMC theatres as an Usher then eventually I was promoted to projectionist (the ones who thread the movies for show and add all the trailers to the beginning of the movies). I grew up in a myriad of neighborhoods as my father served (and eventually retired) in the military, so we moved often.  As much as it was difficult to call a place home, it allowed my brother and I opportunities to see places we never would otherwise. Not that I had a choice, but I would do it all over again.

Suffice to say, I knew more about geography and life experiences in general than most other kids my age. The irony is that throughout school, I did not enjoy geography at all.  Looking back, I see that it was the way it was taught, and not the material itself.  This epiphany was realized in college by a professor who knew how to teach, to embody the energy and passion, and to captivate us every day.  If my high school teachers had taught this way, who knows where things would have gone.

I’m not a perfectionist by any means; however, I do feel it is very important to be prepared and continuously plan.  Growing up in a military environment, you either adapted to that quality or you rebelled.  Thankfully, to my parents relief, my brother and I embraced it.  We both joined the military and served many successful years.  I still live my life that way, so does my wife and our son.  My wife grew up in a military family, as well, and our son recently joined the military, too.  The tradition continues.

And that brings me to another tradition we’ve taken up over the past year:  Tobacco Pipe Collecting.  My wife and I have 69 tobacco pipes in our collection.  32 of those we smoke and rotate respectively, and the other 37 (and growing) are for collection only.  Of the 69 pipes, 27 are unique brands. The pipes range from just a few dollars for the corn cobs, to upwards of $500+ dollars for the others.  Here is our breakdown:

I never leave the house without an extra pipe, primarily a corn cob, as they are excellent to smoke and very cheap to replace in case something happens.  If we plan to go out formally, we have a mini leather cross-chest backpack to bring all of our more formal pipes and accessories. Some of the best times we’ve had with a pipe have been gatherings where we meet people we never would have otherwise.  These get-togethers usually involve a few hours of conversation and lead us on a journey of discovery getting to know these great people.  Also, before anyone asks, it’s hard to say what my favorite pipe is – that’s like asking a parent who their favorite child is, lol.
Until next time, keep calm and smoke your pipe.

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