METALandMIRRORS: Pipe: Savinelli Autograph 4 Long Shank Lumberman

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Pipe: Savinelli Autograph 4 Long Shank Lumberman

Have you ever missed someone? Of course you have, who hasn't? I've noticed, recently, there are different types of "missing" levels. The way I miss my Momma, whom passed in 2011, is different than the way I miss someone still alive. I feel I should search something on this as it feels like this should already be out there somewhere. I know it is OK to grieve and everyone grieves differently and that's OK, too. Grief, in general, is a reaction to a loss in your life. Of course, everyone thinks of death when mentioning the word grief, but there are more reasons for feeling grief, such as loss of job, loss of friend, and loss of what used to be. If one hasn't felt a different type of grief, then it is hard to imagine there being any other type or being there for someone whom is experiencing it. 

I had to find out as this was truly bothering me; is there really different types of missing/grief? I called my doctor to see if I was imagining how I was feeling or was this for real. His first response to my question was to see if I was OK and did I need to come for a visit, ha! Thank you for the concern doctor and yes, I'm OK, I just need to know. He then said yes, there are different types and they are all "normal", per se. He couldn't remember off the top of his head how many types in number but said there are more than five types. He mentioned a couple he could remember in that moment and said I could research them and let him know if I had any questions. Thank you, Mr. Doc.! This is what I needed to know. I actually feel better knowing this information. Knowledge truly is power. 

Speaking of powerful, how about this pipe of the day! It is a Savinelli Autograph 4 Long Shank Lumberman. The Autograph series is the Savinelli flagship handmade line. They are crafted from Extra Extra grade plateau briar, and all accents and mouthpieces for this series are of the highest pedigree and craftsmanship. All Autographs are hand-crafted from start to finish using the "shape first, drill second" method. As a result, no two Autographs are exactly the same, though they all exhibit splendid grain and exquisite line work.

The pipes follow a rigorous quality control process and many plateau blocks that might have made it are started and later discarded due to pits or other natural defects appearing in the briar. This results in every Autograph pipe, that makes it to its fruition, is of superlative quality. Matching those scrupulous standards, Autographs are graded according to strict shape, grain, and quality parameters. In ascending order, the grades are as follows: "3", "4", "5", "6", "8", with the higher tiered "0", "00", and the ultimate "000" following suit.

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