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Friday, January 26, 2018

Pipe Tobacco: Cornell & Diehl King Cake

You made it back to me, welcome, welcome! It is Fri-Yay! Doing the Friday dance, get it, get it! Woot Woot! Are y'all jigging with me? I know you are. I am so delighted to bring you this review today. I have been waiting for Mardis Gras time to mention it. Since I was 12, I have collected Harlequin paraphernalia (umm, why did I not know this word had an "R" in it? I learn something new everyday!). My Momma πŸ’› gave me my first item for Christmas, it was a Harlequin sitting on a moon. For some reason, that is all it took and that started my collection. I have been to New Orleans and had a wonderful time. I am part French and Catholic, so it comes to me naturally, ha!

The Cornell & Diehl King Cake pipe tobacco embellishes all that is Mardis Gras in a pipe. The Epiphany starts the celebrations and Mardis Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is the  last day of the carnival season as it falls before the day of Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent. I only ordered two tins of this and will be ordering more! I cellared one and jarred one. This one is part of the cellar series. The cellar series consist of tobacco that is blended with the intent of being accessible in their youth and sublime after a reasonable amount of aging. The label on this states its estimated peak is 10-15 years.

Mardis Gras Pipe Smoking
The label blares jesting in a tin

This is a 2 oz. tin. It is a Krumble Kake. It is an aromatic, although milder. The tobacco is Black Cavendish, Oriental/Turkish, Perique, and Virginia. Being a kake, it is moist, but no problem with smoking it fresh. It prepares easily. I like to look over a kake and find the area that is ready to be pulled at so I don't have to "tear" into it unnaturally, preference. The bottom corner was ready for me and I rubbed some out and let it set for a few before packing the pipe. It smells so good right from the tin. I was worried that it would smell more "fruit-cake-ish" than "cake-ish" and it delivered. I love that it has the dark fruit notes with the earthy, slightly tangy smell of the tobaccos.

The strength is mild to medium. The flavoring is mild to high medium. The taste is a delightful mild to medium. The room note is very pleasant. The nicotine is medium. There is no bite and such a luscious smoke from beginning to end. It is easy to keep lit with light tamping and didn't require relights that often. Just remembering it and writing to y'all about it makes me want to go puff it up again, yes! I used my favorite pipe with it, the Peterson System Smooth B42 PLip. I haven't showed this pipe in the blog, yet. I will though, it truly is such a pleasure to smoke from this pipe for a long relaxing time. The room note is so pleasant, I am looking forward to smoking this blend in a shorter pipe, such as the Savinelli 320KS I mentioned in a previous blog.

Mardis Gras Smoking Tobacco
Moist krumble Kake

Out of 5 stars, my husband and I gave this a 3.8 upon first smoke. I, personally, feel the score may go up with each proceeding smoke as the first time we were at out local smoke hole and having great conversation. We took that into account that we enjoyed the smoke and it didn't put us off that we couldn't hold conversation or it was interrupting the company. Usually, we like to try things for the first time at home in our own environment so we can speak to it if someone asks us. It was too cold to do that at home this time and we decided to just do it. 

Mardis Gras Smoking Tobacco
Cornell & Diehl Cellar Series

Cornell & Diehl is an American pipe tobacco manufacturer based in North Carolina. Their blends have been wins for me. I can only think of one I was slightly disappointed in, but the majority I've looked forward to smoking. This one has risen to the top for me from them. I love the label, the colors, that it is a cellar series, that it embodies the King Cake, that it is Mardis Gras themed, that it is a kake and not a ribbon cut, the notes, the taste, and just all over enjoyment. Mardis Gras is coming and if you're looking for a celebration in your pipe, then this one is for you.

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