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Monday, January 15, 2018

Pipes: Ardor Meteora Brown Tobacco Pipe

Happy Monday! Did everyone have a great weekend? We did. We shoveled snow from our driveway on Saturday and it ended up turning into a neighborhood affair, ha! Our neighbor helped in doing the bottom of the driveway where the snow plow pushed the snow off the street and he loves playing on his riding plow so much that he travelled along the street helping people. It was nice of him to help.

We then went to a Mexican restaurant and ate up, yum! It strikes me as odd, when paying, that the place had canisters of candy on the counter for $.25. This isn't the only Mexican restaurant that does this; several I have visited have this and in different cities. When did this become a thing? I don't have a problem with it and I really don't know why I think it is so strange, but I do. I guess it's a little something sweet after all the salty.

Speaking of sweetness... Squeeeeee! This pipe today is magnificently sweet. I eyeballed this pipe for a few months. Every time I went into the store, there it was, taunting me. Oh my goodness, I've never wanted a pipe more than I've wanted this one.

It reminds me of cathedral stained glass windows. It spoke to me on another level. I would take it out and look at it and tell Paxton, the store associate, I would think on it. Part of me hoped someone would buy it so the decision would be made for me and the other part of me already pictured it in the showcase at home.


This genius creation weighs in at a hefty 3.6 oz. It is an amazing 2.62" in height and the outside diameter of the bowl is 1.92". The length is a nice 5.43". It is an easy hold and can be hung in the jaw nicely, though, not from me as this is a showcase piece.

I looked up the term "Meteora" to get a better sense of it for pipes. I knew it was a type of cross hatching, but unsure if it was something a little more specific. It kind of is generically cross hatching and there can be different variations. However, I learned something even better. The term itself means a group of monasteries in north central Greece, in the region of Thessaly. There it is, full circle. This is why I had to have it, even without knowing why it had such a hold on me. 

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