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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Pipes: Ardor Urano Sandblasted Hawkbill

Hi there and good morrow! The sun is still rising and the kids are home from school, once again. It's too cold and they are still clearing snow from the streets from Monday's fall. I understand the snow part, gotta get those buses and people to drive on roads to get anywhere. The cold part, I'm not so sure about. It is cold, undoubtedly. However, we do have coats, gloves, hats, and the schools have heaters and running water.

I went to school in the south, sure it was "cold", in southern terms, and we still didn't cancel school for the temperatures. When my son was in school up north, they still didn't cancel school for temperatures. Now, it seems every other day they are doing that. I can't wrap my head around that. I know when you're grown, the workplace doesn't care about that. Shoot, I've worked in offices where I still had to wear my coat and tip-less gloves so I could type and try to stay warm. They always had one excuse or another on why the temperature was set perfectly for the building, even though most people had to wear their coats and gloves to make it through the day. Nevertheless, I digress.

Speaking of keeping warm, this little number of the day is sure to warm your hand and soul. It is the Ardor Urano Sandblasted Hawkbill. It has the classic blue dot of Ardor on the stem and the handsome upward-angled transition with a long shank that follows a gradual, arching curve, tipped by a short stem positioned roughly even in height with the rim. This shape originated at Castello and it's the aquiline curve of the long shank that gives the shape its name.

Grande Lunghezza!

This one is my husband's and a showcase one. It has a brilliant hold and the weight distribution is great for those that love to hang a pipe from the mouth. The black and brown color of the sandblast and smooth areas are carried into the acrylic stem to bring everything together. It is 6.21" in length and 2.28" in height. The weight is 2.12 ounces and the outside diameter of the bowl is 1.80". We do have an Ardor in rotation and it's fairly new, in such manner this will be in showcase for a long time that I foresee.

Update on the cat situation from my previous blog. Molly isn't really working out as hoped. She is too busy for my life and has bigger plans than me. Be that as it may, her brother, General Lee, has graciously taken over and has filled the role nicely. He can be demanding and fidgety and takes maybe a few more breaks than he should, passing over that, he is doing wonderfully.

General Lee looks on approvingly ๐Ÿ˜ผ

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